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Multiple subject areas edited by single editor


A loyal customer of Enago, comes back for her 40th editing project – 100,000 + words in 30 days.

Project Summary

  • Client: A translation company based in Japan
  • Service: Single Check Editing
  • Volume: 100,000+ words
  • Duration: 1 month

The Plot

Our client represents a company that manages translations for Japan’s top brands and companies. While her team handles translations well, they aren’t able to maintain the essence of the content. Enago partnered with her and her team to localize the translated content and has worked on a number of projects together.

For the company’s 40th project with Enago, the client needed over 100,000 words proofread and edited in a month. The project was divided into 9 assignments based on their respective subject areas and requested that a single editor works on the entire project to maintain consistency.


  • A single editor to work on manuscripts pertaining to different subject areas
  • A strict deadline for completing the project within 30 business days

The Enago Solution

  • The right editor
    Enago’s client servicing team began their search for an editor who could work on manuscripts from different subject areas and in the stipulated time. From its pool of 2000+ editors, Enago shared profiles of certain editors they found fit for the job with the client to pick. Once the client found her perfect match, Enago requested the editor to block his calendar and devote the entire month for this project.
  • Going the extra mile
    The client requested a separate invoice per assignment as it would be easier for her to do the same with her clients. At Enago, the customer is king and we try to accommodate every client’s request. Enago agreed to share nine different invoices on completion of the project.


While proofreading a script of +100,000 words would take about 3 months to complete, Enago’s editor managed to finish it within a month with no compromise on quality. The client did not find any mistakes in the project and was happy with the editor’s work.

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