Video Abstracts


Transform your manuscript into an audiovisual format to captivate audiences

A Video Abstract is a short animated video that summarizes the core message of your research output in an audiovisual format.

With 6,000+ manuscripts published every single day, it can be a challenge to make your paper stand out from the rest.

3 - 4
$1,200 per video abstract

To cut through the noise, you need to do something different. Videos have proven to be one of the most engaging means for sharing content.

Using Enago’s Video Abstracts service, you can turn your published manuscript into a high-quality engaging video that summarizes and showcases the core findings of your research or a newly developed product and/or service. Our team of creative scientific experts will work closely with you to deliver a 2–3 minute audiovisual file that you can upload, share, or even present at conferences to increase your chances of citations and funding.

Samples of Video Abstract

New indicator for esophageal achalasia discovered

A direct correlation of hs-CRP with high depression prevalence in Japanese Patients with type 2 diabetes

GNAS mutations are associated with intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms and main pancreatic duct dilation

Who should use Video Abstracts?

  • Authors looking to promote their published work to a broad audience for maximum impact
  • Companies seeking engaging ways to explain the features and benefits of a new product and/or service, e.g., a pharmaceutical company launching a new drug or device

What do you receive?

  • A high-quality animated video (2–3 minutes), including English voiceover (in your choice of accent), English subtitles, and background music, in your preferred file format (.avi, MP4, etc.)
  • A slide deck in MS PowerPoint format
  • A separate voiceover audio file
  • An embed code (for sharing on platforms such as YouTube)

How to use this service?


Upload your manuscript to our online portal along with any supporting material.


We will then confirm whether your manuscript is suitable for being converted into a video


If it is suitable, our team of experts will identify key sentences from your manuscript to create a script/story


We share this script/story with you for approval; once approved by you, we initiate video production


We then send you a draft of the video for review and feedback


Finally, any changes suggested by you are incorporated before sharing the final video with you


Can you guarantee that you can turn my manuscript into a video?

Unfortunately, no. We will review your material once you submit it to us. Only if we are sure that your content can be successfully converted into an audiovisual format will we proceed with the video production process.

Are you going to share my video?

Not unless you want us to. We understand that you may have restrictions on sharing your content. Therefore, we will only share your video with your consent. If consent is received, we will do our best to boost your video exposure. This includes uploading the video to Enago’s YouTube channel and our other social media networks. Using the embed code we share with you, you will also be able to include the video on other websites and share the link with your peers and colleagues.

How much involvement will I have? Will you revise the output if I am not happy with it?

We will consult you primarily at two stages: for the approval of the script and for approval of the final video. You can use these opportunities to share your suggestions with us. Please note that any revisions will not be possible after finalization of the video.

Thank you for contacting Enago. We will reply to your question within 24 hours.

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