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A Japanese Researcher’s paper on Algebra


A Researcher from Japan reached out to Enago for assistance with journal selection and peer review.

Project Summary

  • Client: A Liberal Arts Researcher from Japan
  • Service: Custom Package (Journal Selection Assistance + Pre-Submission Peer Review)
  • Volume: 6000+ words

The Client

The Client, a Researcher based in Japan, is affiliated with the Open University of Japan and specializing in liberal arts. He was looking for assistance to find the perfect journal for his manuscript and enhance manuscript content. As a first time user of Enago’s services, he requested reviews from multiple Peer Reviewers on his manuscript.

The client was extremely happy with the results of Enago’s service and has submitted the manuscript to one of its recommended journals.

The Enago Solution

  • Excellent Quality Assured
    To deliver impeccable service quality, Enago kept a close check on quality retention and enhancement at every stage of the process. We offered re-review of the manuscript by providing a 2nd round of peer review at zero additional cost. The manuscript underwent several reviews by professional reviewers with specialized knowledge in the subject area. A feedback list was shared with the client recommending ways to improve and produce a publish-ready manuscript.
  • Professional Client Service
    We are committed to providing highly satisfactory client experience and the professionals at Enago’s client service were on their toes to do just that. All queries and requests were timely noted and responded to with utmost clarity and efficiency. All client requirements were strictly adhered to and the editors were duly notified about any changes requested by the client.
  • Selection of Journals
    The client reached out to Enago for journal selection support. Based on the client’s criteria, experts who hold experience in peer reviewing and editing for International Journals in the same field of study offered a list of journals best suited for this manuscript and preference. Once the client chose the perfect journal, we helped the client communicate with the editors of the journal through emails and verbal conversations.

Praises from the client

Enago’s peer review service was extremely satisfactory and the significant improvement in the quality of my manuscript is evident. I submitted a refined research paper to Communications in Contemporary Mathematics (CMM). I am truly grateful to Enago’s initiative of going beyond to meet my requirements. I am looking forward to working with Enago for all my future assignments

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