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A Japanese researcher’s paper on Gastroenterology


A renowned medical researcher reached out to Enago for a manuscript and artwork editing, and submission project.

Project Summary

  • Client: A medical researcher specializing in Gastroenterology from Japan
  • Service: Easy Go Publication Support (Advanced Editing + Artwork Editing + Manuscript Submission)
  • Volume: 100,000+ words

The Project

The Japanese researcher had written an extensive paper on Gastroenterology in Japanese. He wanted his research to be available to the scientific community all over the world. By making his research global, he wanted to help his peers in their research process by giving them a strong base to refer to. He also wanted to help patients all over the world suffering from gastrointestinal ailments by making his research available to doctors. The research would help doctors diagnose patient ailments more accurately and prescribe the right treatment.

But his research paper written in Japanese faced the issue of scalability i.e. only people who understood Japanese could read it and implement his suggestions.

Enago offered him a customized package (Translation + Manuscript Editing + Artwork Editing + Journal Selection + Manuscript Submission) to solve his problem.

The Enago Solution

  • Assigned a Project Manager
    The client was a repeat customer for Ulatus and had good relations with the company. We assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure a seamless process and that each request of the client was met.
  • 100% Accurate Translation
    The first step was to translate the research manuscript from Japanese to English. Enago’s sister company, Ulatus, a leader in language translation services, took up the project. They appointed a bilingual Japanese-English translator to work on this project. To ensure accurate translations, Ulatus made sure that the translator is an expert in Gastroenterology and not just medical sciences.  Ulatus used a mix of tech tools like TMS, human translator and a communication tool to ensure each stakeholder was on the same page, work got done faster and the final result was achieved.
  • Substantive Editing
    After the manuscript was accurately translated by Ulatus’ translators, the project manager sent it to Enago for editing. In this step, the editor, a native English speaker, and a subject matter expert edited the manuscript to ensure language and grammar accuracy, consistency in style and formatting, technical accuracy, logical flow, and presentation. An important element of Substantive Editing is that the editor not only checks for mistakes but also add edits to improve the content.  After the editor finished the first round of editing, another editor polished and refined the paper to remove any existing ambiguities.
  • Artwork Editing and Manuscript Formatting
    Artwork, like illustrations, graphs, tables, and diagrams are important parts of a research paper. They enhance the content and help readers understand certain aspects of the research better. Enago’s editors ensured that text in the artwork is also accurately translated, edited and reviewed.   Once all the elements of the paper were edited, Enago’s experts worked on the look of the manuscript. They ensured the paper line spacing, fonts, and heading were properly aligned and consistent.   If the manuscript submitted to a journal doesn’t follow the set guidelines, there are higher chances of rejection. Enago’s experts are well-versed with journal requirements and they ensured every tiny detail was looked at.
  • Submission to a Journal
    The author/researcher had already selected the journal he wanted to publish his research in. According to him, and we agree, the Neurogastroenterology & Motility journal was the perfect journal for his research subject and goals. Enago’s project manager and customer delight executive worked together to contact the journal on behalf of the researcher. They prepared a submission checklist based on the target journal requirements and the client’s goals to keep a track of the entire process. The managed the submission by preparing the submission report, filling all forms like authorship, copyrights transfer, etc. and drafted a cover letter. All these tasks were carried out in a timely manner and the journal accepted the submission.

Praises from the client

It was a pleasure working with Publication Support. I could submit my manuscript and get accepted seamlessly. Publication Support team could help me throughout the process. Expert comments helped me improve my manuscript. My feedbacks were taken seriously and the implementation of these feedbacks was immediate. This enhances my trust in them and I would surely recommend Publication Support-Enago to everyone.

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