Revised/Rejected Paper Editing


Has your manuscript been rejected? Have you have been invited to resubmit your paper after revision? Don’t worry: Every researcher faces this at least once, and both scenarios can actually make your study stronger. Our journal experts will ensure that your manuscript is thoroughly rewritten to meet the expectations of journal reviewers, even if you have used the editing services of another company for earlier drafts. Upon completion, your manuscript will be absolutely ready to be resubmitted.

Our Step-by-Step Approach

Send us

Your original manuscript as submitted to the journal, the reviewer comments, a revised manuscript as per reviewer instructions, and a draft of your response to reviewer comments if you are resubmitting to the same journal.

We’ll rewrite

The manuscript content, reformat the manuscript (if needed), rewrite responses to referee comments in line with edited manuscript, write a cover letter for revised/new submission, and provide a report on whether all comments have been attended to.

You’ll address

Concerns raised by Enago’s editor, check the rewritten response to referee comments, and review the cover letter.

Enago finalizes

The manuscript, cover letter, response to reviewer, and report, after clarifying the author comments and making minor revisions if necessary.

Advantages of the Revised/Rejected Service

Two rounds of editing ensure that your revised paper adequately addresses all reviewer feedback
Revisions appear in line with the comments in your manuscript, along with edited responses to referee feedback (depending on whether you are resubmitting the same journal or a new one)
Your cover letter will expertly detail the significance of your research and outline how this revision was improved (in the case of manuscript resubmission)

What Do You Get?

Revised manuscript

Final report

Cover letter

Delivery and Pricing

Upload your manuscript now, and we'll get back to you within 3 business hours.

word count round 1 deadline author check deadline round 2 deadline Price
0-2000 3 business days 2 business days 2 business days $0.10/word
2001-5000 3-5 business days 2 business days
5001-10000 5-8 business days 3 business days 3 business days
above 10001 on request

Client Success Stories

I had no idea how to reply to reviewer comments. Thanks to your reviewer though who helped me with replying to reviewer comments and revising text to reviewers’ satisfaction. I appreciate it very much that you revised my manuscript so well. The expert helped me revise the entire paper and elaborated on my answers to reviewers. I am very happy!
T. K. - Doctor, Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital
I had faced many rejections before I came to Enago! A subject expert helped me rewrite my manuscript and made sure all aspects such as were meeting reviewer requirements. I saved a lot of time and effort using. Thank you Enago!
Y. O. - Fujita Health University Hospital
I received about 30 comments from reviewers. I had no idea what to do and how to answer the reviewers. I choose Enago’s services and they took care of all the needs. After the two rounds that are provided in this service, my document was made very smooth. Recommended!
H. O. - Doctor, Almeida hospital

Thank you for contacting Enago. We will reply to your question within 24 hours.

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