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Video Development Services

Turn your research into a story that engages the research community. Video Development Services

Getting published is no longer enough. Communicating your research work so that it is discovered, read, and cited from among increasing published content is more important than ever. Enago’s Video Development Service will turn your scientific research and findings into a 1–3 minutes, eye-catching, immersive video with radiant high-definition animation and imagery. Through the animated video, your work will be more interactive and easily shareable and your knowledge will reach more people.

These videos are an engaging and accessible overview that’s perfect for sharing on websites and social media – extending the reach and visibility of your research.

Video Development Services

Key features of our Video Development Service

HD animations and subtitles

HD animations and subtitles

High definition animations and subtitles demonstrating each procedure, statistical findings, and research results in an influential and logical way.



Promotion of your video on Enago Academy, and our social media channels, including YouTube, Vimeo, and LinkedIn SlideShare.

5-Step Process Model

5-Step Process Model

Developed using a 5-Step Process Model with a team of PhD subject matter experts, professional animators, voice recorders, and video editors.



We add suitable background music and voiceover that contains a brief explanation of the video content.

We offer our Video Development Service with the following options:


  • A 1-minute infographic video.
  • Images, graphs and figures.
  • Background music.
  • English captions.
2-3 weeks


  • A 2-3 minute animated video.
  • Smart animations with graphs and figures.
  • Background music and voiceover.
  • English captions.
  • PowerPoint presentation.
  • Prepared video script for presentations.
4-5 weeks

Getting started with your
Video Development Service is easy!

What we need from you

  1. A final version of your research manuscript.
  2. Any figures, tables, charts, images, and/or graphical abstracts.
  3. The name of the target journal.
  4. Any research and experiment videos (optional).

What you get from us

  1. A 2D/3D animated video file in either mp4, avi, or wav format.
  2. English voiceover, English captions, and background music files.*
  3. PowerPoint presentation (for presenting in conferences and tradeshows).
  4. Audio transcript.
  5. HTML code of your video for further promotion on your social media platforms.

*applies to 'Video Abstract and Promotion' and 'Video Abstract' creation only.

How it works

  • Step01
    Author Send Manuscript Materials

    You place the order for your video and send your final manuscript and materials, such as graphs, charts, tables and figures.

  • Step02
    Video Scripts and Content Development

    Enago’s team of knowledgeable subject matter experts reviews the submitted manuscript and prepares the video script for every section of the manuscript.

  • Step03
    Author Feedback

    You review the initial script and provide suggestion or ideas, if any.

  • Step04
    Video Storyboarding

    The illustrator transforms the approved script into a series of characters and panels that provide a snapshot of the expected video.

  • Step05
    Author Feedback

    You review the storyboard and provide suggestion or ideas, if any.

  • Step06
    Video Development

    We add suitable background music and voiceover that contains a brief explanation of the video content.

  • Step07
    Add Captions and Subtitles

    Our experienced transcribers add English subtitles for wider viewership.

  • Step08
    Author Accepts the Video and Abstract

    You get all the deliverables in your inbox!

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