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Post-Editorial Support Services

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Our academic editing services go beyond language, style and format checks. We also offer Post-editorial support designed to satisfy your wider publishing needs. These add-on services significantly improve your manuscript’s chances of journal acceptance and help bridge the gap between researchers and publishers.

Rejection Shield

Available under Substantive Editing only, “Rejection Shield” ensures your paper is resubmission ready after facing rejection. This add-on service involves premium level editing as well as unlimited paper revisions and offers assurance against journal rejection for up to 1 year.

What’s included:
  • Editing of content as per journal feedback
  • Editing of any additional content added by the author
  • Editing of the response to the reviewer
  • Editing of the cover letter

Note: Rejection Shield, if opted, is available only under Substantive Editing and offered for a one-time fee of 3 cents/word. The validity for this service is 365 days from the day your manuscript is delivered. Under Rejection Shield, 30% of additions and 20% of revisions to your manuscript will be considered for iteration.

Edit Unlimited

Exclusive to Enago, Edit Unlimited lets you submit your paper for editing unlimited number of times until you are satisfied. Available under both Substantive Editing and Copy Editing, this service is valid for 1 year and 120 days respectively.

What’s included:
  • Unlimited manuscript revisions carried out by the same editor that worked on your paper.

Note: This service is free of cost under Substantive Editing. Whereas, a one-time fee of 2 cents/word is charged under Copy Editing. Under both these options revisions can be made only up to 20% of the edited manuscript.

Editor Q&A

Under Editor Q&A, authors can ask the editor of their manuscript unlimited questions at no additional cost for up to 1 year. By allowing you to respond multiple times to their timely suggestions and comments, you are guaranteed a publication-ready manuscript.

Guidelines to raise a question:
  • Questions should be asked in English to ensure smooth communication
  • Authors are expected to share the manuscript page number relevant to their question

Note: We aim to respond to all questions within 2 business days. Where this is not possible a notification will be send with an expected date and time of reply.

Manuscript Rate Card

Our MRCs are designed to help you enhance the quality of your manuscript before you submit it to your target journal. Our editors analyze all aspects of content including language and grammar, title and abstract, and mechanics and style. As part of this service, your editor will also recommend useful resources to help improve your writing proficiency.

Under Substantive Editing, authors receive a comprehensive four page report containing a complete analysis of the paper with comments and critiques on every section. Under Copy Editing, authors receive a detailed one page report with ratings, as well as valuable tips and suggestions on Language, Grammar and Style.

Enago Academy

Enago Academy LogoEnago Academy provides authors with comprehensive and up-to-date academic writing and publishing resources, including key insights from journals, publishers and industry experts. In addition, our interactive training workshops help authors understand how they can improve their chances of publication in international peer-reviewed journals.

The sole purpose of this platform is to create newer avenues through which ideas and challenges can be communicated to a global audience. Alongside this our educational outreach program enables our publishing partners to promote their brands and extend their reach.

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