Statistical Analysis


Improve credibility of your research findings by ensuring accurate data interpretation

Reaffirm the credibility of your research methodology and conclusions with the help of our experienced statistical analysis team

Research often involves a significant amount of statistical analysis, from collecting to exploring to presenting your data. Ensuring that it is done well and without error can be challenging. In fact, inaccurate presentation of your findings or inappropriate reasoning can obscure your results and is one of the main reasons why manuscripts get rejected.  

Using the latest statistical software and techniques, Enago’s Statistical Analysis service can help you get it right. Our experienced statisticians take your data and turn it into a clear, scientifically sound summary to support your research findings. By determining that the principles of statistical analysis are applied correctly, we can ensure that your methodology and conclusions are  sound and that your work is ready to be shared.

Our experienced statistical analysis team undertakes each project with the following end goals in mind:

  • Quantify and validate your research findings
  • Improve the presentation of results
  • Enhance the reproducibility and transparency of your research data

Our experts can handle a wide range of statistics, from descriptive to inferential.  So  don’t allow inaccurate statistical analysis to be the reason why your manuscript is rejected. Whatever the nature of your research, we will work with you to ensure your results are sound and submission-ready, and that your findings are clear and accessible.  

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