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Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry

Of all the manuscripts we edit, a staggering 147,000+ papers (over 40% of total papers) spanning 17,000 journals belong to medicine and related subjects. Our expertise in these fields has made us one of the most recommended partners for more than 600 journals.

We have worked extensively with leading publications such as Blood and Future Medicine as well as top academic publishers like Elsevier, Thieme, and Wiley.

The ideal combination of our experience and expertise ensures that your paper get published in high impact factor medical journals more often.

What Sets us Apart

40+Types of
medical documents

We edit and format 40+ types of medical documents ranging from case studies, clinical trials to case reports, and more.

related journals

We have expertly edited papers for 17000+ medicine-related journals, such as Nature Medicine, New England Journal of Medicine, and more.

190+Subject areas

Our range of specialized subject areas expertise includes neuromedicine, oncology, immunology, and more. Full range of topics given below.

>60%Editors are
published authors

Over 60% of our editors are published authors or peer reviewers, while most of them have worked as editors for various publishers like McGraw-Hill and others.

20.7Avg. years of editor experience

The average experience our editors have in medicine-related subjects is 20.7 years.

MDsPhDs/Masters only

All editors in this discipline hold PhDs, MS, or Masters degrees from top universities, including MIT and the University of California.

Editing Samples

Experience Enago's Top Editing. Our expert editors are skilled at identifying errors like capitalization of brand / common drug names (advil -> Advil / Ibuprofen -> ibuprofen), accepted spellings of a drug (ambienn -> “Ambien," "Amrinon," "Ambifed") and much more.

View editing samples from specialized subject areas like Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry and more.

Enago's Expertise in Medical Editing

Enago is listed as one of the highly recommended partners of 600+ journals, including leading journals such as Blood and Future Medicine as well as academic publishers like Elsevier, Thieme, and Wiley. We have served more than 37,000 universities, corporates, and individuals. Here is a small selection of our clients from medicine and related subjects.

  • University of Oxford

  • The University of British Columbia

  • University of Washington

  • University of Cambridge

  • Blood Journal

  • Journal of Clinical Oncology

  • SAGE Journals

  • PLOS

All our editors are experienced, trained, and stay abreast of the latest editing styles and guidelines of the international medical journals and associations.

  • American Medical

  • World Medical

  • Good Publication Practice
    guidelines 3

  • International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

  • International Society for Medical Publication Professionals

  • Committee on Publication Ethics

  • Chicago Manual of Style

Numerous Enago clients have published their papers in high impact factor medical journals. Check out a few of our authors' publication successes.

Our Editorial Team

All our editors are highly experienced and experts in their respective subject areas and have, on average, 20.7 years of experience in editing and publishing medical research papers in top international journals. They are trained to identify and correct not just common spelling, typos, and measurement errors but also subject-specific errors like chemical and drug names. Check out Editing Samples to know more.

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