Enago’s Easy Go Package will provide the support you need to take your research through the submission process, seamlessly and stress-free. This service pack provides professional science editing services along with proofreading and formatting, and we will also submit your manuscript on your behalf. Simply let us know where you want to publish and we will do the rest.

The Enago Advantage

This speedy service pack is designed especially for authors who want help in editing and submitting their manuscript
Work with a team of journal and editorial experts and a dedicated project manager
100% Guarantee: Your paper will never be rejected due to language issues

The bundled services in Enago’s EasyGo package are available to you at a full 25% below retail prices for individual services

With Enago, Your Paper is in Safe Hands!


What’s included?

Pre-Submission Peer Review
Journal Selection
Substantive Editing
Formatting and Artwork Editing
Journal Submission
Plagiarism Check

Also includes:

Rejection Shield
Resubmission Support
Word Count Reduction

Delivery and Pricing

Upload your manuscript now, and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Word Count Delivery Plan Price
Upto 4000 words 10 days $440
4000-5000 words 12 days $540
5000-6000 words 14 days $640
6000-7000 words 16 days $740
7000-8000 words 18 days $840
8000 + words On Request

Client Success Stories

I am a student, with minimum publication experience. I choose Enago and used their EasyGo pack. I was surprised with the quality of editing they delivered. The best part was that their submission service was extremely smooth and I they helped me submit my paper well within the deadline. I am grateful to Enago for their effort.
Naomi Sugawara - Grad. Student (Master's Course),University of Tsukuba
I love everything about Enago’s package service. I used their EasyGo pack which helped me submit my paper very fast. Their client servicing staff was very helpful and understanding, and all of this for an affordable fee. They helped me improve my manuscript greatly. Thank you Enago for the helpful service.
Ikue Shamoto - Instructor/Lecture Fujita Health University
I fully admire and trust Enago’s reputation and quality. I especially chose Enago’s packages as no other company offers such a service. Enago editors are extremely trustworthy and I even tell my colleagues and students to use their service. Their service quality and timely delivery is very helpful in meeting journal deadlines. I am glad that Enago offers packages at affordable price.
Tomokazu Shohji - Jikei University School of Medicine

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