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High Volume Assignment for TOEIC program


A Korean researcher seeks Enago’s help in editing his paper on Arts and Humanities for the TOEIC (English language skills) program.

Project Summary

  • Client: Art and Humanities researcher from Korea
  • Service: Copy Editing
  • Volume: 100,000+ words
  • Deadline: 6 days

The Client

The client is a renowned researcher from Korea who wanted to closely understand how Enago operates. To make sure he was handing over this project to a trusted service partner, he visited our office and learned about every aspect of the company. After doing a thorough check, he was impressed with Enago’s quality assurance processes and chose us as a partner for his editing project.


  • Strict deadline of 6 days
  • Massive project of 204 manuscripts (100,000+ words)
  • Using the software Adobe Pro SC for editing a scanned document with text and graphics

The Enago Solution

  • Using the right software
    Instead of sharing a word document, the client shared his manuscripts in separate PDF files. The files didn’t have text we could copy to Word as they were scanned. Scanned word editing, also known as handwritten editing, is very time consuming and requires a lot of effort. To tackle his hurdle, our team of editors used the Acrobat Pro DC software which allows editing of the scanned document and helps track changes.
  • A dedicated Project Manager
    Being one of the most demanding projects we’ve worked on, our team had to put in extra efforts to ensure that the quality is top notch and there are no errors. To check consistency in quality in all files the entire project was audited by our team of editors. In addition, a dedicated Project Manager was assigned to ensure flawless editing for this project.

Praises from the author

I appreciate the effort and co-ordination Enago has put in towards my project. I know this project must have been exceptionally difficult but Enago has done a great job and I am really glad about this collaboration. Thank you Enago for your hard work and dedication.

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