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A medieval English literature thesis


A Japanese author partners with Enago for substantive editing of his master thesis on English Literature.

Project Summary

  • Client: A Japanese author
  • Service: Substantive Editing
  • Volume: 1 book of 70,000+ words

The Client

The client is an author in the field of English literature and had an important thesis to submit to a university. Writing a thesis on English Literature meant he needed an editor proficient in medieval English who could validate his research, enhance his content and check for technical accuracy.


  • A single editor proficient in medieval English
  • Requested a sample from a number of Enago’s editors
  • Requested for a number of re-edits
  • 300 pages to be edited within a short period

The Enago Solution

  • Search for the right editor
    The author wanted to evaluate editors based on their medieval English proficiency and shared a sample of his thesis to be worked upon. Enago selected four of its top English literature editors and asked them to work on the samples. Once the author picked the sample that worked best for him, Enago requested the editor to devote his time to this single project and finish it in the stipulated time.
  • Working in batches
    The entire project was divided into smaller batches and shared with the editor. Sometimes the author shared two batches at a time to maintain the flow and consistency. Enago made arrangements with the editor to manage the delivery of the batches in the set time.
  • A dedicated management duo
    Enago built a team of a client servicing manager and a project manager to keep a thorough check on the entire process to ensure that the project had no loose ends. Together this duo ensured seamless coordination between the author and the editor, making sure the client’s requirements were met.


Enago’s team exceeded the client’s requirements by sharing a manuscript with zero quality issues and on-time delivery. The author, a first-time client of Enago was happy with the result and considers working with Enago on more such projects.

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