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Medical university tie up in Taiwan


A University in Taiwan collaborates with Enago to provide Advanced Editing and Rejection Shield services for their medical students.

Project Summary

  • Client: A renowned university in Taiwan
  • Service: Advanced Editing + Rejection Shield

The Client

English is the most accepted language worldwide for publishing research in International Journals. Students and researchers from a country whose native language is not English are at a disadvantage as they lack fluency in English and are at risk of getting their research rejected. Students of a medical school in Taiwan too faced the problem of writing a good research paper in English that would be accepted by International Journals. To help them in their research writing and publication process, their university tied up with Enago to provide Advanced Editing Services to the students.

The Challenge

  • A large number of medical experts were to be appointed as editors.
  • High volume of projects at one time as students have to submit their thesis around the same time

The Enago Solution

  • A pool of medical editors
    Every research paper is different as the subject of specialization can range from obstetrics to oncology. Enago matches every paper with the ideal subject area expert. There are three level checks to identify the subject expert who will do 100% justice to the manuscript. To ensure high-quality editing for each project from the university, Enago built a strong pool of medical experts with extensive experience in translations.
  • A dedicated landing page for the university
    Enago built a dedicated landing page for students of the university to place their orders. As per the agreement, all advanced editing invoices would be sent to the University for Payment. Students have to pay for Rejection Shield service, where Enago gives a guarantee that their papers won’t be rejected by journals on account of language.


Enago’s partnership with the University has helped the students deliver high-quality research papers that journals are happy to publish in their issues.

Praises from the university

We are extremely delighted to collaborate with Enago and collectively provide a supportive environment for our students. We are sure that our students will benefit substantially from this collaboration and we are looking forward to watching our students excel and reach great heights in their respective fields.

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