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Partnership for regular editing services


A Chinese company, acting as a mediator, partners with Enago for recurring editing services.

Project Summary

  • Client: A well-known Chinese company
  • Service: Substantive Editing and Copy Editing
  • Nature of agreement: Recurring

The Client

The client is a company in China mediating between Enago and its clients from various industries. The client decided to work with Enago on a retainer basis, sending projects for editing every month for a fixed monthly fee. Since the client was a mediator, it didn’t want its clients to receive an invoice from Enago.

The Enago Solution

  • Modifications to the software
    All projects at Enago are received on software which manages everything from client requests to project delivery. To make operations easy for the client, we altered the software to allow automation and fast processing.
  • A standard retainer fee
    The client was unsure about the volume of work they would receive every month. To make the partnership beneficial to both, the companies evaluated the volume at the end of the first month and decided a monthly fee in proportion to the expected projects.
  • The right editor
    Every project that the client sent catered to different industries ranging from medical to tourism. To ensure that the client received not only accurate language editing but also enhanced content and validation of the research, Enago appointed a native English translator with a Ph.D. or Master's Degree and extensive experience in the same field as the research paper.

Praises from the company

Enago’s promptness and adjustments in processes to help us with our needs are commendable. The editors are quick with their work and we’ve never had to send back projects for re-work. We are extremely happy working with Enago and wish to continue this partnership over the years.

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