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Japanese Researcher partners with Enago for editing 100+ research papers


A renowned Japanese researcher, a repeat customer for 6+ years, trusts Enago to deliver excellent quality editing services.

Project Summary

  • Client: Renowned Japanese Researcher in Life Sciences
  • Service: Advanced Editing/Substantive Editing
  • Volume: 100+ Assignments

The Client

The client is a well-known and highly cited researcher from Japan. He has published 150+ research papers and a book on Health Sciences, Nature and its effects on humans and has received over 5000 citations for his work. He also teaches Health Science at a leading university in Japan.

The researcher has been a client of Enago’s since 2013, availing editing services every week for a number of academic papers on the psychological effects of nature.

Customized Solutions for a special client

  • A dedicated project manager
    Over 6 years, Enago understood the client and his requests well and ensured the client was happy with the services we provide. After testing the compatibility between the client and different project manager at Enago, we identified that the client was particularly satisfied with one manager. All assignments shared by the client since then have been handled by one single project manager and the client was delighted each time
  • Native editors and subject matter experts
    Assignment shared by the client is matched to native English editors who are experts in the field of the researcher and have at least a decade of experience in the same field. To ensure 100% accurate editing, Enago assigned an editor who was a specialist in Plant and Nature Sciences and not just Life Sciences. After working on a number of projects with Enago, the client would request a specific editor for a specific paper and Enago would fulfill the client’s request each time despite a number of hurdles.
  • On-time delivery for urgent requests
    The assignments shared by the client always had tight deadlines. Sometimes, the client would send a manuscript in the morning and would want it perfectly edited the next day. Ensuring that the preferred editor was available at the exact time the client requested was tough as the editor could be working on another project. But Enago ensured the client’s requests were met each time.
  • Customized Editing Services
    The client, a Japanese native, wanted his research to be of help to people all over the world. As a proponent of nature and natural ways of living, he wanted to better the lives of people and educate doctors on the benefits of using natural ways to heal a person’s psychology. For his research to be accepted by a global audience, it needed to be written in English and be well edited. The client entrusted Enago with the task of making his research papers perfect for submission in international journals. Enago followed the below to ensure that the client’s research paper was perfect to be submitted to international journals:

    - Ensure proper use of grammar and language consistency
    - Check for technical accuracy
    - Correct style and consistency
    - Check to format
    - Ensure document follows a logical flow
    - Enhance the content
    - Prepare presentation and cover letter

  • Mistake-Proof Editing Process
    To ensure that every small error is corrected, Enago follows a Two Editor System where the client’s manuscript is reviewed by two highly skilled editors. First, an editor who is a Ph.D. and an expert in Plant and Nature Sciences edits the document thoroughly. Next, another editor polishes and refines the papers to remove ambiguities.
  • A Promise to the Client
    Enago makes a promise to every client that a manuscript edited by Enago will never be rejected because of poor language and grammatical errors. However, if a journal does not accept a paper, Enago takes complete responsibility of re-editing the paper for resubmission at no additional cost. Enago is able to make such a promise because of its stringent systems and processes, professional editors and in-house quality management systems. Since 2013, the client has been able to publish his research in top international journals like International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Frontiers in Public Health-Environmental Health and a Springer feature Journal of Wood Science.

Praises from the client

It has been a pleasure partnering with Enago for over 6 years. I can trust Enago with my research and be assured that they will deliver as per my requests and journal requirements. Enago has truly helped my research be available to a global audience and made the editing process easy and fast for me. Thank you Enago for your support for all these years.

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