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Canadian researcher partners with Enago to promote his research globally


Promoting one’s research can help the scientific community reach a wider audience and earn more citations.

Project Summary

  • Client: A renowned biomedical researcher from Canada
  • Objective: Promote research on a global level
  • Service: Tweetable Abstracts


Alexios Fotios Mentis is an experienced medical doctor and public health specialist in the field of biomedical research. He is skilled in Epidemiology, Pathology, Molecular Biology and more. He had written an important research paper on standardizing biomedical terminology to help restore the integrity of biomedical literature. His research was published on one of Wiley’s online platforms and he wanted to promote the research further. A good promotion strategy would help Alexios’ research get read on a global level and his audience would be educated about the importance of the entire scientific community adopting one form of medical terminology.

The Enago Solution

  • A study conducted by researchers at Simon Fraser University and the University of Toronto found that if scientists have more than 1000 followers on Twitter, using the tool exponentially increases their reach and broadens the spread of credible scientific information.
  • The authors of the study urged scientists to invest time in developing their social media presence and building a strong community of scientists online. On these lines, Enago suggested Alexios promote his research via his twitter account and work towards increasing readership of his study.
  • However, if not written properly, there is a high chance an important tweet gets lost in the scrolls.

Enter Enago’s Tweetable Abstracts

With Tweetable Abstracts, Enago’s in-house editors and marketers provide a simple and short summary of the research that guarantees audience attention and encourages clicks, comments, and re-tweets.

As part of the service, two tweets are shared with the client per manuscript. The team also identifies at least two trending and relevant hashtags for each tweet.

The Process

  • To begin, Alexios uploaded his manuscript on Enago’s safe and secure online platform
  • Once the team at Enago received the manuscript, an in-house subject matter expert thoroughly reviewed the content and highlighted important findings in the paper.
  • She shared a summary of the research and the important findings with an in-house content expert. The content expert then drafted a tweet that was engaging and carefully selected the trending and relevant hashtags.
  • Once the tweet was ready, a native language expert reviewed the content and hashtags and shared it with Alexios.
  • Alexios was happy with the content and requested Enago to upload it from his account. Enago did as suggested and even shared it via their Twitter handle.

Praises from Alexios

After posting the tweets, I am very indebted to you; your time and interest in tweeting my work are sincerely appreciated! Looking forward to working with you again!

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