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A defense sector dissertation


Enago’s team of editors and reviewers take on a complex and high-volume proofreading and editing project which was a herculean task to complete in 12 hours.

Project Summary

  • Client: A defense sector dissertation
  • Country: United States of America
  • Service: Proofreading & Editing (Defense sector)
  • Volume: 40,000 + words


  • Irene Graff, a student of a reputed defense academy in the USA, was faced with the task of submitting a dissertation in 12 hours in order to graduate from her class. While her dissertation was ready, she had difficulty finding a specialist in her field to review and validate her research.
  • The challenge here was reviewing and editing a 40,000+ words manuscript in less than 12 hours. To put things in perspective, it takes a seasoned editor close to two weeks to review a manuscript of this magnitude and complexity.
  • Before Irene reached out to Enago she had approached other companies for their proofreading and editing services. However, due to the time constraints and the magnitude of the project, none of these companies could help her.
  • If Irene failed to submit her dissertation the next day she would have had to pay the university a fee of USD 10,000.

The Enago Solution

When Enago heard of Irene’s problem, the client servicing team met to discuss Irene’s requirements and drew a plan to complete the project in the stipulated time. However, the challenge of having one person proofread and edit such a complex and vast manuscript under 12 hours was next to impossible.

  • An army of editors and reviewers
    Enago decided to build a team of specialists in the defense sector from their pool of 2000+ subject matter experts. The client servicing team was quick to reach out to more than 10 such editors with at least a decade of experience in the field and had them on board for the project. The manuscript was divided between these editors and they optimized both the language and subject matter of the paper. To maintain consistency throughout the manuscript, a subject reviewer was appointed. He proofread each page for discrepancies and compiled the entire manuscript.
  • The final check
    In the short time available, Enago managed to follow its procedure to the t. At Enago, every manuscript undergoes the Two-Editor system. Once the manuscript was compiled, edited and proofread by the external reviewer, it was passed on to the in-house editors who then polished and refined Irene’s paper to remove any existing ambiguities.


Irene was able to submit her dissertation on time and graduate from her course. She found the quality of the edit to be more than satisfactory and was happy with the exceptional customer service she received at Enago.

Praises from Irene

Thank you! I am satisfied with the result. I appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to support my requirements. It is for that reason and the excellent customer support I will consider returning again.
- Irene

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