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Korean Research University


A large volume of work, submitted under Korea’s most high profile fellowship program, through one of Korea’s most renowned universities was edited under tight deadlines and delivered with zero quality issues.

Project Summary

  • Client: One of the most prestigious research universities in the country
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Service: Copy Editing
  • Number of Manuscripts: 64
  • Volume: 250,000 words


Global PhD Fellowship (GPF) is a government-funded project and the biggest and most competitive fellowship for graduate students in Korea. Under this program, a few PhD students are identified every year, their research and publishing expenses funded by the government.

This project relates to one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, whose students were awarded a significant chunk of the fellowships under the GPF program. Enago has long been a preferred editing partner of the university in question. That and Enago’s past experience in handling GPF projects motivated the university to refer as many as 64 researchers to Enago for editing services.


  • A large volume of work (64 manuscripts and approximately 250,000 words), that was due within very tight deadlines, including edits that were requested and delivered on the very last day of submission.
  • Ensuring top-notch quality on manuscripts that were submitted under the most high profile and sought after fellowship in the country.

The Enago Solution

  • Dedicated Web Portal
    A dedicated website was set up for this project for the students to submit their manuscripts for editing. This enabled seamless inflow and handling of each assignment.
  • Special Project Team
    A special team consisting of editors, customer service executives, and project managers was set up well in advance of the project start date to ensure that all the assignments were efficiently processed, edited, and delivered as they came in.
  • Designated Special Project
    Each manuscript under this project was marked as a special assignment with instructions to editors to be extra vigilant while editing. The extensive preparation enabled the team to accommodate any and all last-minute changes and deliver quality output back to the authors, in time for their submission deadlines.


  • Every single deadline was adhered to, with all manuscripts edited and returned to the researchers in time for their submissions
  • Zero quality issues were identified across the project
  • The university continues to remain a loyal and happy client

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