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Highly technical content relating to a business-critical asset for the client, requested under stringent deadlines and executed on an unfamiliar editing platform, was delivered with flawless quality.

Project Summary

  • Client: ALPHA Camp
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Service: Substantive Editing
  • Volume: 100,000 words


ALPHA Camp is a Taiwanese company that offers long-form learning programs for technology professionals to upskill themselves. They had created a new learning module for their web development program and needed specialized editors to help refine the content.


  • A large volume of work that was due in tranches under very tight deadlines.
  • Client directive to edit only in Google Docs and to adhere to an extensive style guide, owing to the way their technology platform was built.
  • Editors with a high degree of IT and programming-specific subject-matter expertise were required, who could edit not just the language, but code snippets as well, and ensure the module as a whole would be comprehensible and easy to learn for students.

The Enago Solution

  • Assurance
    This was a significant concern for ALPHA Camp prior to the association. Enago allayed their concerns by sharing sample edits on their content that showcased our technical prowess and ensured they felt confident going into the project.
  • Programming Subject-Matter Expertise
    Handpicked editors were chosen for this assignment, who possessed not only the technical experience to be able to edit such material, but also the language expertise to be able to dial down some of the technical jargon and make the course content easy enough to absorb for students.
  • Adapting to the Client’s Technology Platform
    Our editors completely altered their work styles to edit on an unfamiliar platform (i.e. Google Docs) and still maintain the high-quality benchmarks they’re used to delivering at Enago. They ensured complete adherence to the comprehensive style guide provided by the client and preserved consistency throughout all the files.


  • Created an impactful business asset for the client, in time for their go-to-market deadline. Every major and interim due date was adhered to along the way, with all the module files edited to their complete satisfaction.
  • Zero quality issues were identified across the project.
  • ALPHA Camp offered specific appreciation for Enago’s efforts throughout the project.

Praises from the client

All the sections were well edited and delivered on time, or even before! I appreciate the customer support for bearing with me and for all the hard work and extra effort.   Please thank your editors for being so thorough and diligent! They raised some very good and useful questions in many of the documents. Thank you again for the excellent work you and your editors did for us!   - Elene van Sandwyk
  ALPHA Camp

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