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Enago’s language solutions ensure language quality and consistency across a multi-author book series of a well-renowned Turkish university


Project Summary

book editing Case Study of turkish university
  • : A well-renowned Turkish university
  • : Copyediting of multiple manuscripts with structural formatting
  • : Physical Sciences and Humanities
  • : 9 manuscripts, 49,000 words

Recently, well-renowned Turkish university approached us through Enago’s book editing service with a set of multi-author manuscripts that were to be formatted using the “Springer book series format.” Based on the client’s requirements, the project was assigned to three specialized editors and one in-house reviewer, along with a dedicated project manager and quality manager.

To ensure that the manuscripts were edited by specialized editors, Enago’s editorial and project management team were involved at the pre-consultation stage to understand the client’s requirements.

For this project, the client had provided multiple manuscripts, which were studies related to environmental sciences. As multiple authors were involved for each document, the language quality varied across manuscripts. During the edit, the content in one of the manuscripts seemed to have been plagiarized, which was conveyed to the client at the time of editing; this helped the author revise the content prior to submission of the book. Furthermore, a number of issues related to formatting and content were identified at different stages, which could be easily resolved because of a dedicated team working on this project.

Project Challenges

project challenge for book editing
  • Ensuring English language quality is consistent and the content is accurate across all chapters
  • Maintaining consistency in terminology across chapters written by multiple authors
  • Applying the Springer book series style and formatting guidelines successfully
  • Identifying plagiarized content in the documents and appropriately informing the client
  • Effective resource and time management while working with multiple editors

Enago’s Solution

  • Carrying out multiple rounds of pre-editing consultation to discuss the project with the client
  • Identifying the most appropriate book editing service that matched the requirements of the client
  • Assigning multiple PhD-qualified editors with appropriate expertise for each manuscript after assessment of the project’s requirements by Enago’s editorial team
  • Effectively applying the ”Springer Book Series” format to all of the manuscripts
  • Appointing an additional reviewer to guarantee consistency and streamline deadlines
  • Ensuring the entire process was overseen by a project manager and an editorial team


Although the project had extensive requirements, through Enago’s efficient project management, we were able to ensure ahead of time delivery. Moreover, the in-house reviewer helped ensure consistency in style and formatting across documents, although multiple editors were involved in the project. Through Enago’s thorough, detailed approach, all of the client’s requirements for this project were addressed and a set of publication-ready manuscripts were delivered ahead of time. The client greatly appreciated our efforts, as well as our attention to quality, and has subsequently recommended Enago’s book editing services to others.

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