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ESL authors who want one quick round of language and grammar check, and look to get published in SCI indexed journals, should opt for Language Check editing.

Our expert Language Check editors possess an average of 5 years' editing experience. They can quickly and accurately check your edited manuscript for any lingering issues.

Language Check editing is also a good choice for budget-conscious authors. The lower price point coupled with our high-quality standards will help ensure that your manuscript is publishable in journals with a low-impact factor.

What does Language Check cover?

In Language Check, our editor thoroughly reviews your manuscript considering all the aspects of language. We assign an editor specialized in your subject area to edit the paper, and this is followed by a quick review by a senior editor. You also get access to our "Unmatched Post-editorial Support" covering Unlimited Editor Q&A for 1 year. The following parameters are included:

With our Language Check service, the manuscript is checked by only one editor. While we strive to provide the most thorough edit possible, there is always the possibility that further specific corrections might be required after editing. As this is our baseline service, it does not include any of the enhanced features of our Copyediting service or Substantive Editing. When finished, the authors can utilize our Editor Q&A Service to help ensure that their manuscripts are publication ready.

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