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Enago helps in the publication of the yearly R&D reviews of a government-affiliated Japanese energy agency


Project Summary

book editing case study for energy agency
  • : A government-affiliated Japanese energy agency
  • : Copyediting
  • : Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • : 70,000 words

A Japanese energy agency that specializes in nuclear research, which is affiliated to the Japanese government, has used Enago’s services for the publication of their yearly R&D review. Since 2012, they have been associated with Enago who has successfully acquired the project from the Japanese government. The material to be edited was a set of manuscripts, which were to be published as a book.

The client requirements were to edit embedded objects on paper and provide scanned documents with the suggestions of the in-house editors. Moreover, a style guide was shared by the client, which had to be adhered to by the editors while working on this project. To ensure adherence to the requirements, the client requested the same editors who worked on previous projects for them.

The client also wanted delivery of assignment in batches, which was accommodated by involving a dedicated project manager for this project. Because of Enago’s quality of work and adherence to client’s requirements, we have successfully worked on this project for more than three years.

Project Challenges

book editing challenges for energy agency manuscript
  • Adhering to the client’s specific requirements for formatting and editing
  • Ensuring that only one editor and one reviewer worked on the complete project
  • Delivering the documents in batches to the client and maintaining timelines

Enago’s Solution

  • Ensuring a suitable PhD editor (and in-house reviewer) having experience to work on an assignment that requires expertise in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics.
  • Creating an in-house style guide specifically for this client that included both specific guidance on the communication of edits and on editing style such as abbreviations and capitalization
  • Training editors to meet the client’s specific requirement
  • Ensuring the entire project was overseen by both a project management team and an editorial team.


By paying attention to the client’s very specific requirements, Enago has been able to work on this project successfully for over three years. Manuscripts were delivered to the client in batches, as requested, over a period of 11 weeks. Furthermore, to resolve any issues, the client was easily able to approach Enago via our add-on services, which helped the editors who were working on this project to address the client’s concerns.

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