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Effectively meeting editorial requirements for a multi-author book written by a prestigious research laboratory in Japan


Project Summary

research laboratory book editing case study
  • : A prestigious research laboratory in Japan
  • : Copyediting
  • : Semiconductor Physics and Electronics Engineering
  • : 100,000-180,000 words

Enago has been associated with this research laboratory since 2013. Over the past few years, they have used Enago’s manuscript editing services for publishing several manuscripts (>100). Because of Enago’s adherence to quality and timelines, they recently approached Enago to work on a book that would be written by multiple authors (the project is still on-going).

For this project, the client requested profiles of appropriate editors; moreover, as they had worked with Enago previously, they wanted certain selected editors to work on this project. Thus, Enago ensured that the client’s specific requirements for editors from subject areas such as crystal physics, semiconductor physics, computational physics, and electronics engineering were met.

Furthermore, the client requested that a Japanese staff member should be involved to ensure that the project requirements are met, which was ensured by Enago. Currently, the project is in process with separate chapters being shared by the client and a dedicated project manager has been assigned to monitor the overall project.

Project Challenges

book editing experience for japanese laboratory
  • Guaranteeing quality and consistency across multiple, staggered assignments
  • Managing the significantly high word count assignments within the agreed timeframes
  • Ensuring editor availability for the timely delivery of each assignment

Enago’s Solution

  • Having a dedicated Japanese resource for the project to ensure adherence to the client’s requirements
  • Assigning multiple PhD-qualified editors and in house reviewers who had the appropriate expertise
  • Involvement of a proofreader to reduce the time in-house reviewers spent on each assignment
  • Assignment allocation tracked and streamlined through ongoing involvement from a dedicated project management team and editorial team
  • Documents monitored on a staggered basis to ensure adherence to Enago’s quality benchmarks


The project is still ongoing with final delivery set for mid-March. To date, Enago has delivered all assignments within the stipulated timeline. By ensuring skilled project management and resource allocation, the project has successfully met the client’s expectations. Moreover, because of the expertise of the editors and in-house reviewers, detailed feedback has been shared with the authors for each chapter; this has helped the client improve the content of the book and make it publication ready. By using Enago’s add-on services, the client has been able to approach the editors and resolve issues for the edited chapters.

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