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Editing Services

Copy editing and substantive editing are often used interchangeably. However, they are two different things.

Copy editing (also written as copyediting), involves corrections for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, scientific nomenclature, verb tenses and other grammatical errors. It also involves checking for flow, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, typos, etc. In other words, copy editing involves improving the language of the text. Simply put, copy editing is designed for quality-conscious authors who need a thorough language-check of their manuscripts.

Substantive Editing (also referred to as content editing or developmental editing) involves checking and correction of logic, structure and presentation of the paper in addition to everything included in the content besides everything that is checked in copy editing.  Substantive Editing is something you opt for when you want a comprehensive structure and presentation check, in addition to inputs on how to optimize and enhance your base content so that it’s 100% publish-worthy.

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As an author, there are three basic broad-heads of editing services available to you:

  1. Copy Editing – for quality-conscious authors requiring a thorough language check of their manuscripts. Papers submitted to the copy editing service are returned free from language errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation errors, and typos. Authors also get a style and consistency-check done on their manuscripts, in addition to having them formatted
  2. Substantive Editing – authors looking to submit their manuscripts to high-impact peer-reviewed international journals can opt for substantive editing. This service offers intensive research editing services for the authors to achieve flawless subject-matter and language quality. Substantive editing covers all services under copy editing, including a deep focus on the logic, structure and presentation of the manuscript.
  3. Proofreading – sometimes mistaken for copy editing, but technically it’s a separate process. Proofing is done after editing and layout, after the page proofs have been prepared by the designer. While copy editing errors may still be found, a proofreader is concerned with other elements. The proofreader checks all design elements for accuracy and consistency including headers, level heads, page numbering, word breaks, end-of-line breaks, page breaks, cross references, and appropriate placement of tables and artwork. Proofreading service may also include completion of table of contents, index and numbering of cross references. See my page editing versus proofreading for more about the differences.

A Certificate of Editing (COE) is proof that your paper has been reviewed by professional, native English-speaking experts. A certificate is often required by universities, journals, and reputed publishers to ensure quality of content. A certificate of editing is generally issued by language services providers to authors opting for copy editing or substantive editing services.

Enago specializes in providing scientific and academic editing services to researchers, and issues a certificate of editing recognized by over 600 international journals.

What are post-editing support services? What are post-editing services?/ What kind of post-editing services are available?

There are a number of additional services that you can avail with Enago even after your manuscript has been edited:

  • Edit Unlimited – Exclusive to Enago, Edit unlimited is a post-editorial support service with a validity of 365 days from manuscript delivery. The same editor who worked on your manuscript will edit your paper to ensure highest quality.
  • Editor Q & A – Unlimited editor Q&A for up to 1 year, at no additional cost.
  • Rejection Shield – Rejection Shield ensures that your paper is ready for resubmission after facing rejection and includes editing the response to reviewer, cover letter editing, and editing of any additional content added by the author. This add-on service is unlimited for up to 1 year, or until journal acceptance.
  • Publication Support – If you wish, you can opt for Enago’s one-stop publication support solution which includes a number of services culminating in the publication of your paper, including – journal selection, formatting and artwork, Journal submission and more.

English Language Editing involves copy-editing and proofreading services, which return a paper free from language errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation errors, and typos.

Manuscript Formatting looks at the structure and aesthetics of your manuscript, ensuring it conforms to industry standards and guidelines laid out by your target journal.

Academic copy editing is an extremely useful service for quality-conscious authors who require a thorough language-check of their papers. All papers submitted to this service are returned free from language errors such as grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and typos. In general, quality copy editing helps you ensure your manuscripts are publish-worthy and helps minimize chances of rejection.

English editing and proofreading services are specialized professional services offered to quality conscious authors and academic researchers who require a thorough check of their manuscripts prior to submitting them to a journal. Papers submitted to this service are returned free from language errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation errors, and typos, facilitating a publish-worthy manuscript with minimal chances of rejection.

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While editing for clarity, word choice, spelling and grammar are important aspects, improvement of the clarity and focus of presentations, medical manuscripts, theses and dissertations are foremost elements of medical editing. Additionally, medical editing involves eliminating redundancies, condensing materials, checking nomenclature and ensuring the accuracy of references.

A well-edited, aseptic research manuscript is more likely to be published in a high impact factor journal without rejection. Editing and proofreading services aim at cleansing the manuscript to eliminate grammar and style errors, which help peer reviewers focus on the subject matter and novelty of the research. Research editing and proofreading services have practical advantages as the quality of writing can be improved quickly by an editor who is an expert in the subject matter.

Scientific manuscript editing goes beyond simple language editing as it is tailored to support the researchers in the journey from manuscript preparation to publishing. In scientific manuscript editing, the document is edited by subject matter experts, co-reviewed by language editors and assessed by journal submission counselors. So if your manuscript is scientific or technical, you should be opting for scientific manuscript editing services.

The editing process begins with the author’s idea for the work, which includes scope of research and defined objectives. The same continues to a collaboration of the author with the editor that involves vigorous creativity and human relations. On the editor’s side, the process would be about correction, condensation, organization, and modifications performed with an intention of producing a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work.

A research manuscript written in correct English is more likely to be published in a high impact factor journal without rejection. Editing and proofreading services aim at cleansing the manuscript to correct the English, which help peer reviewers focus on the subject matter and novelty of the research. English correction services have practical advantages as the quality of writing can be improved quickly by an editor who is an expert in the subject matter.

Please share your requirement with us at and we will get back to you with an appropriate quotation within an hour.

Yes, you can ask for a free certificate of editing when you opt for our Substantive Editing or Copy Editing service. Please select the option while filling out the order form.

“The Enago Promise” is a guarantee that any manuscript edited by us will never be rejected because of poor language. On the rare occasion a rejection does occur we will edit the paper for resubmission at no additional cost to you.

All our editors are PhD/Master’s qualified native English-speaking professionals with an average experience of 19.4 years. Learn more about Enago’s editors.

If you are new to Enago, you can request for editor profiles before confirming your order. If you are an existing customer, you can ask to choose from the editors who have worked on your previous assignment(s).

Enago is 24*7 operational and can deliver the files even on weekends.

If you have a manuscript that you are working on, please share a sample of that document with us. Our editorial experts will review it and recommend the ideal service(s) for you. In case you are unable to provide us with a sample, simply write to us at and we will guide you further.

We accept manuscripts in a variety of file formats—MS Word, PPT, PDF, Excel, and LaTex.

Under our "Two-Editor" system, manuscripts are reviewed by two highly skilled editors to ensure language consistency and technical accuracy. After a thorough edit by a PhD qualified subject-area specialist, a second editor polishes and refines your paper to remove any existing ambiguities.

Enago provides end-to-end author support services to help you achieve publication success. To know more about our Publication Support solutions, please visit

Simply read the document at this link to understand everything regarding track changes in MS Word: For any specific questions, feel free to write to us at .You can also direct any editorial queries at your editor via our Editor Q&A service.

Enago’s Plagiarism Check service uses advanced software to scan your manuscript and identify areas that may be flagged as plagiarism. To avail this service, select the option while filling out the order form.

Our Publication Support services are designed to provide end-to-end support to researchers at every stage of the publishing process. Services like Journal Selection, Pre-Submission Peer Review, Journal Submission, and Revised/Rejected Paper Editing among others, offered by Enago’s research experts, help you excel in your publishing journey.

Certainly, our Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is tailor-made for your situation. We conduct a comprehensive language and content review of your manuscript to address all reviewer comments and ensure it is ready for resubmission.

Our editors can suggest a suitable title for your manuscript based on the content.

Enago provides a detailed cover letter free of cost under the Substantive Editing service. You can also opt for this under Copy Editing at a nominal extra charge.

In the event you are asked to resubmit your paper with revisions, or if it happens to be rejected altogether, our Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is the perfect option to help you edit your paper, address any reviewer comments, and make it resubmission-ready. Click here for further details.

Simply click on the confirmation link in the quotation email we have sent you and your order will be confirmed.

A change in service and other related details is possible, but only before confirmation of the order. Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be altered.

Enago is committed to delivering your files by the stipulated deadline, every single time.

Enago has a dedicated Quality Monitoring team comprising of seasoned editing experts. They perform a thorough quality check on your manuscript before it is delivered to you.

Enago’s expertise covers all subject areas under Medicine, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Physical Sciences and Engineering, and Arts and Humanities.

Enago offers a special 5% discount on first-time editing orders for new clients. Order now!

Simply share this instruction with us while ordering the service. We will only edit the portions you have requested.

While two separate discounts cannot be applied on the same assignment, we will ensure that the higher discount is applied to your request.

We provide editing in both, American and British English styles. You can request for either.

We do not format PDF files as it may distort the content of the original file.

We understand that as a first-time client you may have concerns about the quality of editing; therefore, we are happy to provide you with a sample free of cost so that you can review it and make up your mind. Do try us!

We promise to provide you our best editing rates on any order that exceeds 25,000 words, and assign one of our senior-most editors to the project.

We are happy to share the editor’s profile who will be working on your manuscript. We will provide you the editor’s academic credentials and overall editing experience. Simply email your request to

We can reformat your manuscript as per the new target journal’s guidelines at an additional cost.

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