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4 reasons why Enago offers you a Quality Editing Guarantee


At Enago, we go to great lengths to break down the language barrier while upholding the integrity and quality of your work. Here's why we claim that your paper will not be rejected by any journal on the basis of poor English language usage:

The quality of our editors

Our team of editors is made up of native English experts who hold PhDs or Master’s degrees in their respective academic fields, across 1,117 subject areas. Most of them are published authors and peer reviewers in their own right and understand what it takes to get published.

Enago: Best English Editing & Proofreading Services

Our commitment to linguistic and factual accuracy

Our English editing services are unique in the sense that every minute aspect has been designed with a singular objective to raise your manuscript up to the publication standard, while eliminating any factual errors.

At every stage, we review both language and subject matter accuracy at the same time.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction

In our endeavor to ensure 100% client satisfaction, we offer unlimited rounds of free editing under our Manuscript Insurance service. You will have unlimited access to your editor for clarifications on any questions — even after we have dispatched the edited manuscript.

Enago: Best Paper Editing & Proofreading Services

Our sterling reputation

Enago’s standards are so high that over 1,700 international journals and publishers have recommended us to their authors. To date, we have helped more than 100,000 people from over 125 countries, and edited 585,000+ manuscripts.

Enago: Find Best English Editors, Native English Editor

With Enago, your paper is in safe hands

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