We are looking for freelance editors in the following subject domains:

Life Sciences
Agriculture Biochemistry Bioengineering
Biosciences Botany Genetics
Microbiology Neurosciences Pathology
Zoology Environmental Biosciences Forensic Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences Social Biosciences  
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Physical Sciences and Engineering
Astronomy/Astrophysics Chemistry Computer/Information Sciences
Earth Sciences Energy and power Engineering
Environmental Sciences Material Science & Engineering Mathematics
Physics Statistics Systems Science
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Economics and Business Management
Business Management Economics Finance
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Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Education Humanities Law
Library and Museum Studies Media/Communication Philosophy
Psychology Recreation and Sports Social Sciences
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Medical and Clinical Sciences
Dentistry Medicine Alternative Medicine
Health Management Nursing Obstetrics and Gynecology
Rehabilitation Sciences    
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Job Description

Freelance editors play a pivotal role in our business model and help us in ensuring author satisfaction by editing academic papers from a wide range of subject areas and meant for publication in highly acclaimed international journals.

A typical Enago editor possesses the following qualities:

  • Proficiency and competence in the most widely spoken language across the world—English!
  • Knack for diligently editing, restructuring, and polishing articles written by non-native speakers
  • At least 5 years of relevant academic copyediting/substantive editing/proofreading experience
  • Extensive subject matter expertise

We prefer editor profiles that reflect

  • Master’s/PhD/postdoctoral research experience (studies conducted, papers written/published, papers reviewed, etc.)
  • Certificate/experience in academic editing, publishing, scientific communication, journal article writing, etc.
  • Experience in editing ESL (English as a second language) manuscripts
  • Knowledge of style (such as APA, CMS, AMA, CSE, and IEEE) and conventions followed in academic writing
  • Member of acclaimed editing and publishing associations such as EFA, EASE, and BELS

Our freelance editors should ensure

  • Immaculate grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice
  • Flow, transition, correct terminology, correctness of content, and coherence
  • Appropriate manuscript format conforming to academic conventions in terms of citation style, layout, section headings, and tense usage
  • Preservation of the author’s intended meaning even in papers where the content requires extensive revision


  • Highly qualified, independent editors
  • Authors, journal editors, and journal reviewers
  • Professionals holding high positions in universities, scientific societies, and academic publishing houses
  • ESL educators and teachers
  • Certified editors from reputed institutions/associations

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