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Enhancing the tools of our Publisher partner - Thieme


Thieme, an award-winning international medical and science publisher that serves health professionals and students, wanted to help their authors enhance the quality of their manuscripts and streamline the peer review process. They wanted to maintain their reputation for quality in medical publishing. We enabled a seamless process for better manuscript submission and created excellent quality manuscripts for Thieme’s researchers. This encouraged them to use our top-tier author services before submitting to international journals.


  • A German publisher increasingly publishing manuscripts in English, leading to rejections due to English not up to the mark.
  • No navigation system in place for submitting manuscripts for author services.
  • Because of no streamlined peer review process, their reviewers found it difficult to focus on technical aspects of the paper.
  • Increased demand to create internationalized content in multi-language versions of their journal titles – German, Chinese, Japanese, and English.

The Enago Solution

  • Secure landing page:
    This was paramount to streamline the manuscript submission process. This allowed all the authors to relish the benefits of Enago’s editing & translation services. This saved editor and reviewer time by ensuring submissions are written clearly and language was no longer a barrier. Since September 2017, Thieme editing service has supported more than 2000 authors in their publication efforts.
  • Fast & Quality Editing and Translation Services:
    Our hand-picked team of experts with broad experience provided premier editing, translation, formatting & journal selection services. The team adhered to all the deadlines without impacting the quality even marginally. All the manuscripts were delivered with consistent top quality on or before the stipulated timeline.
  • Valuable Add-on:
    Subject-area specific webinars helped authors in researching and writing their manuscript as per the technical aspects of their subject area.


  • We streamlined the manuscript submission process – this saved time & hassles.
  • The one-stop paper submission helped publisher’s reviewers’ focus on technical aspects of papers rather than correcting English.
  • The number of rejections due to language errors was minimized.

Praise from the client

Thieme/Enago partnership has enabled us to enhance the tools we provide to our authors, helping them to better navigate the submission and peer review process and improving the chances of acceptance. Our editors regularly encourage authors to use the Enago service prior to submission, which is helping to streamline the peer review process, making it easier for reviewers to focus on the science within each article, and helping authors avoid the 'reject for language reasons' decisions.

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