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24/7 requirement for services by a leading publisher


Project Summary

  • Client: Technical Publisher – Journals, Books, TechEd
  • Service: Substantive Editing, Copy Editing
  • Volume: Regular Inflow of Papers to be edited and/or translated into English

The Plot

A globally-recognized client wanted Enago to provide consistent, high-quality copy editing and formatting within strict timelines and delivery of manuscript throughout the day.

The Enago Solution

  • Secure web portal:
    We created web portals in multiple languages, which assisted them with regional teams. This secure platform made sure that no data is leaked in transit and maintained the confidentiality of the papers.
  • Adhering to Strict Deadlines:
    A dedicated team with round the clock coverage delivered in batches to ensure the quality was never hampered. Moreover, we provided editing and formatting services, which were consistently of the highest quality and with a quick turnaround as expected by our client.
  • Going the extra mile:
    We provided customized quotes to suit our client’s budget. Also, our personalized workflow made it easier for the client’s users to access the web portal through its app in multiple languages. We also support the publisher’s authors by providing dedicated Journal Selection Services.
  • Add-on services:
    Webinars supporting education: Enago works with the publisher to deliver branded webinars that are aimed at researchers and librarians supporting the researcher.


Collectively, our Substantive Editing, Copy Editing, and Translation services resulted in creating impactful content while maintaining the text’s original meaning. Webinar services support the publisher’s authors at every stage in their workflow, from content creation to submitting the paper. This was all done with a fast turnaround ensuring our client’s objectives are met completely.

Praise from the client

Providing exemplary author services is very important to us, and through our collaboration with Enago, we are not only able to improve the experience of our existing authors, but also reach new researchers from across the globe and improve the dissemination of their research. - Director, leading technical publisher.

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