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Building brand recognition the Enago way for Future Science Group


Future Science Group (FSG), a progressive scientific publisher, curates trusted online, print, and in-person resources to serve the scientific and medical communities, wanted to help its authors enhance the quality of their manuscripts and expand their brand reach, via Enago, to Chinese and Asian markets.


  • Maximize the generation of high quality papers for peer review and eventual publication. FSG receives plenty of high quality papers, but they wanted more so they can identify the best easily from the submissions they receive.
  • Increase their brand awareness with authors and researchers around the world, with China and Asia being a key part of the relationship.

Enago Solutions

  • Fast & Quality Editing and Translation Services
    Our hand-picked team of experts with the broad experience provided premier editing, translation, formatting & journal selection services. The team adhered to all the deadlines without impacting the quality even marginally. All the manuscripts were delivered with consistent top quality on or before the designated timeline.
  • Secure landing page
    We helped FSG authors by providing top-tier editing and translation services at discounted rates. Manuscript submission process got easier for their authors as we created landing pages in regional languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Subject Area Editors
    Our subject area editors helped their authors create more meaningful manuscripts. This was achieved by conducting in-depth research on the context/technical aspects of their manuscript and editing as per the relevancy of their subject area. Hence, the papers submitted for peer review were never rejected based on any technicalities.
  • Enago’s Co-branded Webinars
    FSG participated in webinars & conferences conducted by industry experts on all aspects of the scholarly and research communication process, which helped authors to overcome all the challenges faced in publishing and educating through articles and resources that guide them to create impactful manuscripts and achieve publication success by publishing their manuscripts in journals.

Here are a few notable regional & global webinars conducted in the past: - Global - Global - regional

These co-branded webinars helped FSG target their audience worldwide via global webinars and in particular regions via regional webinars and create brand awareness among them.


  • FSG successfully created higher brand awareness among the target audience
  • Quality of the manuscripts showed significant technical improvement
  • Achieved higher dissemination of manuscripts

Praise from the client

Future Science Group has partnered with Enago since 2015 to provide our authors with high-quality language services. Providing exemplary author services is very important to FSG, and through our collaboration with Enago, we are not only able to improve the experience of our existing authors but also reach new researchers from across the globe and improve the dissemination of their research.” – Laura Dormer, Editorial Director, FSG.

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