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Enago assisted a well-known Chinese medical company to publish its research in specific formats by offering a dedicated team along with customized publication support.

Project Summary

  • Client: Medical company, China.
  • Service: Substantive Editing, Copy Editing, and Publication Support
  • Volume: 27 assignments (Aug-Oct 2020)

The Plot

Our detail-oriented client based in China needed dynamic services to help them manage their high paper inflow to ensure the research papers are published in top tier, high impact global journals. The client divided the volume project into 27 independent assignments and instructed Enago to follow a pre-determined way of editing as per the precise submission guidelines of the journals chosen and to utilize a secure portal for the project.

The Enago Solution

  • A secure web portal
    At Enago, each project goes through secure processes to ensure maximum data integrity and protection as well as full client confidentiality. The project files received from the client were uploaded on our secure platform for custom editing and formatting services to be applied. This secure platform guarantees that no data is leaked in transit and the legitimacy of the paper is maintained.
  • The most suitable editors/Teamwork
    Enago provided editors with expertise and background in the subject and research area for each paper submitted. Enago also provided full publication support, with dedicated customer services team members, and both editor and CS teams worked together seamlessly to provide the best possible service for the client. To ensure the most suitable editorial team was selected, Enago provided samples from our native English-speaking editors for the client to choose from. These editors all had extensive experience in both the subject area and publishing research papers in high impact, international journals. The client chose those editors best suited to manage the assignments who were then ring-fenced only to work on the entire project.
  • Going the extra mile
    To ease operations, Enago’s publication support team built a dedicated landing page for the client to use to place orders for the 27 assignments.


Every assignment given by the client was correctly translated and/or edited by Enago’s dedicated teams. The client was happy with the fast pace and importantly with the quality of the work delivered. Our range of top-end services ensured the client was able to achieve their strategic goals for the project.

Praise from the client

Enago went all the way to accommodate all our requests and meet the tight deadlines. They are quick in their approach and their work is impressive. We look forward to working with Enago soon.

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