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Helped Karger Create Publication-Ready Manuscripts


Karger, a leading international biomedical publisher of specialty medical and healthcare journals and books, wanted authors to have the very best in author services whenever they were preparing English language manuscripts. They also wanted new business development opportunities & create better branding and positioning.


  • Ensuring that language was no longer a barrier to submission. There is an on-going requirement for high-quality submissions and removing the language barrier for ESL authors is an important step in the submission and peer review process, allowing the reviewer just to focus on the research being presented.
  • Karger authors and research institutions required a range of author services (Copyediting, Substantive Editing, Medical Translation, Journal Selection, etc.) & new services (webinars, workshops, etc.) to enhance every aspect of their submission.

Enago Solutions

  • Secure web portal:
    Replaced their old author services platform with something a state of the art portal. This facilitated the manuscript submission process for hundreds of authors. We also created a portal in regional languages to help authors by making it more interactive with different languages.
  • Expert team of native editors:
    Enago provided quality editing to ensure manuscripts were ready for submission to Karger journals.
  • Brand New Services:
    Offering services such as KargerLearn, institutional editing packages, webinars, and workshops to authors that were previously not available to Karger.
  • Going the extra mile:
    Educating authors through KargerLearn – an e-learning modular resource that educates authors on every aspect of the scholarly communication process, from creating the research paper to publishing it in a high impact journal and then marketing the work once it’s published. KargerLearn has already put the Karger brand in front of more than 20,000 users.
  • Branding and positioning:
    Co-branded webinars & Karger-specific webinars delivered by Enago aid in building their brand and reputation globally.
  • Internationalizing the Karger brand and service:
    Enago acts as an important internationalization partner and has provided translations to and from English and multiple other languages for research as well as marketing content.
  • Karger/Enago webinars:
    The Enago Academy provides a range of resources, including webinars, which Karger uses to train and educate their community of authors.
  • Facilitating face-to-face medical events:
    Enago has leveraged its infrastructure to provide support for Karger to run workshops in countries such as India and China, presenting to hundreds of local researchers.
  • Produce high-quality medical content:
    Enago Life Sciences is commissioned to generate high-quality content for Karger publications such as the Fast Fact series.


Throughout the project, our distinguished client was entirely satisfied with our dynamic processes, attention to detail & highly professional editors. The quality of the manuscripts given by Enago was top-quality & publication-ready. All the authors are happy to select the same editors for their future assignments too as it was extremely beneficial for the authors to work with Enago’s editors.

Praise from the client

We deeply appreciate the eagerness of Enago to understand our vision of how we want to help our authors. As a result, we have been able to create an individualized suite of services to meet Karger’s needs. This is a true partnership,” Senior Manager, Karger.

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