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Enago Academy’s workshops and seminars are primarily targeted to help ESL authors, early-stage researchers, and graduate students acquire knowledge about how they can improve their chances of publication in international peer-reviewed journals. In addition, our advanced workshop modules, which are developed based on our experience of providing world-class editing and publication support services, will cater to the needs of researchers who want to know more about the issues that are pertinent to successful publication. For example, how to deal with journal rejection, nuances of publication ethics, and hard facts about paper retraction.

Through these workshops, we will continue to endeavor to reach out to the researcher community and provide them with the right tools to help publish, as well as increase their awareness of the scholarly publishing industry and make the entire publication process less daunting.

Till date, Enago Academy has conducted several successful and interactive workshops and training sessions across countries such as Japan, Korea, Turkey,  Taiwan, and Thailand.

  • Enago Increases its Presence in Latin America via Author Workshops for Peruvian Researchers

    Lima, Peru: In our continuous endeavor to assist international researchers, Enago in collaboration with Universidad de Lima successfully conducted a two-day workshop. Given the success of our previous sessions in Peru, these sessions were exclusively arranged for highly-qualified faculty members...

  • Author Workshop on Manuscript Preparation for Korean Researchers

    Seoul, South Korea: Enago, in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Scientific Commercialization (KISCL) and Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS) conducted an author workshop for early-stage researchers, to help them improve their understanding of manuscript preparation and...

  • Enago Expands its Author Workshop Initiative to China

    Beijing, China: In December, Enago expanded its very successful author workshop initiative to China for researchers at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Beijing. The sessions were focused on introducing researchers to the challenges in getting published...

  • Enago Conducts a Series of Workshops at Korea University
    Author Workshops in Korea University

    Seoul, Korea: In our continued efforts to extend and provide meaningful insights to Korean researchers about academic publishing, Enago lately conducted a series of workshops at the very well-renowned Korea University. These workshops were focused on introducing researchers, students and...

  • Enago Conducts a Series of Workshops at POSTECH for Korean Researchers

    Pohang, Korea: Enago recently held a series of author workshops at POSTECH that focused on introducing researchers, students and professors to understanding the challenges related to research ethics, importance of selecting appropriate international peer-reviewed journals, and criticality of following good...

  • Taiwanese Researchers Benefit from Lectures on Ethical Practices and Tips for Successful Publication

    Taipei, Taiwan: Enago recently conducted lectures for Taiwanese researchers in Yuan Ze University and Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan. These lectures were intended for specifically focusing on the groups of student researchers from Engineering and Medicine disciplines. The lecture topics...