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Enago Successfully Conducts a Series of Tailored Workshops for the South Korean Audience

June 2019, South Korea: Author Outreach Programs are one of the strategies in Enago’s goal to improve the quality of research publications and facilitate the publication journey of researchers. As part of this initiative, Enago recently conducted a series of interactive workshops in leading medical centers and research institutions in South Korea, including Eulji Medical […]

Enago’s Series of Workshops on Publishing in International Peer-reviewed Journals

Beijing, China: Chinese researchers have published several scientific papers and made a significant mark in the publishing industry. In fact, it has ranked as the largest producer of scientific papers. However, with the increased research publishing, the chances of coming across predatory journals become higher. To provide significant insights on how to avoid these journals […]

Enago’s Interactive Workshops Helps Chinese Researchers Polish their Publishing Skills

Beijing, China: Chinese researchers are making great strides in research across diverse fields. In order to help them publish this cutting-edge research in high quality peer reviewed journals, Enago in collaboration with Hebei University, North China Electric Power University, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Henan Normal University, Tianjin University of Technology, Liaoning Normal University, […]

Enago Conducts Author Workshop Series for Chinese Researchers

Beijing, China: With regards to the number of academic publications, China is now the world’s largest producer for scientific research papers. This exponential rise in research manuscripts is mainly due to the constant push by the government through its consistent R&D investment which is approximately 2.12% of its annual GDP. In order to keep this […]

Chinese Researchers in Major Universities Greatly Benefit from Enago’s Author Education Program

Beijing, China: Over the last decade, China has been continuously increasing their expenditure in scientific research and development. These actions are actively promoted and supported by the government through a number of programs and initiatives, thereby, increasing the overall research output in China. In line with these developments, Enago has also doubled down on its […]

Enago’s Author Workshop: A Great Learning Experience for Chinese Researchers

Beijing, China: China is rapidly reforming into a global leader in research and development. To provide an impetus to this transformation, and to help Chinese researchers publish in highly rated journals, Enago in collaboration with Beijing Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, University of Science and Technology (Beijing) […]

Author Outreach Program by Enago: A Big Hit amongst Latin American Academics and Research Professionals

Peru/Colombia/Mexico: Publishing scientific research in an academic journal may seem like a daunting task especially for ESL researchers. In addition, early-career ESL researchers often face many difficulties during the drafting stage of their manuscript. With this in mind, Enago organized several author training programs in top-ranking universities of Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. These sessions catered […]

Enago’s Author Workshop Impresses Chinese Researchers

Beijing, China: Good quality research goes hand in hand with high impact articles, and Chinese researchers have been very successful in delivering both. In order to further brighten the future of Chinese researchers and simplify their publication journey, Enago in collaboration with Renmin University of China, recently organized an author workshop. This workshop tackled important […]

Enago’s Author Training Program: A Success with Chinese Researchers

Changchun, China: Currently, China is the hub of some cutting edge research across most scientific areas, and this development has led to an exponential increase in the number of research outputs. In an attempt to further enhance the knowledge related to scientific publishing among researchers, Enago in collaboration with Jilin University recently organized an author […]

Enago’s Author Outreach Program Receives Overwhelming Response from Chinese Researchers

Beijing, China: In recent years, there has been an exponential rise in the number of research publications from Chinese researchers. With the aim to assist young graduates and researchers in China in preparing and publishing their manuscripts successfully, Enago in collaboration with Tsinghua University (THU) recently organized an author outreach program. The session was conducted […]

Enago’s Author Workshop at Peking University Helps Researchers to Publish Successfully

Beijing, China: China is now the world’s largest producer for scientific research. Enago recognizes this potential and has constantly been endeavoring to aid Chinese researchers in improving their publication chances in international peer-reviewed journals. As part of this endeavor, Enago recently organized an author workshop for early-career researchers and graduates at Peking University. This workshop […]

Enago’s Author Workshop at Yonsei University for Korean Researchers

Seoul, South Korea: For preparing a publication-ready manuscript, understanding the correct usage of English language and grammar is a prerequisite. To help researchers increase the awareness of language concepts, Enago recently organized an author workshop for researchers at Yonsei University. The session was completely focused towards discussing the common challenges faced by ESL authors,explaining the […]

Taiwanese Researchers Benefit from Lectures on Ethical Practices and Tips for Successful Publication
Author Workshops

Taipei, Taiwan: Enago recently conducted lectures for Taiwanese researchers in Yuan Ze University and Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan. These lectures were specifically intended to focus on groups of student researchers from Engineering and Medicine disciplines. The lecture topics included language tips for writing in the English language, do’s and don’ts in selecting suitable journals, the importance […]

Enago’s Author Workshop with NUC Addresses Challenges of Nigerian Researchers
Author Workshop

New York, USA: Enago conducted a series of author workshops at four different locations in Nigeria—National Universities Commission (NUC), University of Lagos, University of Port-Harcourt, and Nnamdi Azikiwe University. These workshops, which were organized in collaboration with NUC, were organized as an initiative to address the fundamental issues of academic publishing of Nigerian researchers. For this […]

Enago’s Author Workshop Series Receives Overwhelming Response from Korean Researchers

Pohang/Seoul, South Korea: With >200 participants attending our sessions, Enago successful conducted yet another series of author workshops at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Yonsei University. By collaborating with these well-established universities Enago was able to assist Korean researchers by helping them overcome their challenges in getting published in international peer-reviewed journals. […]

Enago Increases its Presence in Latin America via Author Workshops for Peruvian Researchers

Lima, Peru: In our continuous endeavor to assist international researchers, Enago in collaboration with Universidad de Lima successfully conducted a two-day workshop. Given the success of our previous sessions in Peru, these sessions were exclusively arranged for highly-qualified faculty members and experienced researchers of Universidad de Lima. The sessions focused on issues related to manuscript […]

Author Workshop on Manuscript Preparation for Korean Researchers

Seoul, South Korea: Enago, in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Scientific Commercialization (KISCL) and Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences (KIRAMS) conducted an author workshop for early-stage researchers, to help them improve their understanding of manuscript preparation and academic publishing. The speaker for the workshop was Dr. E. S. Hwang, a member of […]

Enago Expands its Author Workshop Initiative to China

Beijing, China: In December, Enago expanded its very successful author workshop initiative to China for researchers at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Beijing. The sessions were focused on introducing researchers to the challenges in getting published in international journals with specific reasons for journal rejection. During the session, several tips were […]

Enago Conducts a Series of Workshops at Korea University

Seoul, Korea: In our continued efforts to extend and provide meaningful insights to Korean researchers about academic publishing, Enago lately conducted a series of workshops at the very well-renowned Korea University. These workshops were focused on introducing researchers, students and professors to understand the challenges related to research ethics as well as provide practical advice […]

Enago Conducts a Series of Workshops at POSTECH for Korean Researchers

Pohang, Korea: Enago recently held a series of author workshops at POSTECH that focused on introducing researchers, students and professors to understanding the challenges related to research ethics, importance of selecting appropriate international peer-reviewed journals, and criticality of following good academic writing practices. The first series of workshops was conducted by Dr. Christian Wallraven, a […]

Author Workshop about Scholarly Publishing at KSBMB International Conference 2017
KSBMB International Conference

Busan, Korea: As part of our continued commitment to help authors overcome the challenge to get published in international journals, Enago conducted a workshop at the 2017 International Conference of the Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (KSBMB). As the largest academic society in Korea, KSBMB conducts several conferences to promote scientific communication and […]

Country-Wide Author Workshops in Latin America by Enago

Colombia/Mexico: Staying updated about the various aspects of the publishing process is extremely important for early-stage researchers, especially student researchers who are also ESL. In this vein, Enago, in collaboration with three of the largest universities in Latin America organized a series of workshops for researchers across the region. The participating universities comprised Universidad Autónoma […]

Author Workshop at Asan Medical Center Educates Researchers on Publication Ethics

Seoul, South Korea: In continuation of our initiative for educating researchers and disseminating knowledge of academic publishing across South Korea, Enago recently conducted an Author Workshop at Asan Medical Center (AMC), the largest hospital in Korea. This workshop attracted an audience of more than 80 doctors and clinicians and was jointly organized by Enago and […]

Enago’s Seminar Impresses at Korean Library Association Congress

Jeju Island, South Korea: Enago recently attended the 36th Annual Congress of the Korea Private University Library Association and conducted a seminar on academic publishing. The three-day congress was held at the KAL Hotel on Jeju Island, just south of the South Korean mainland, between November 9 and 11, 2016. The first two days of the event […]

Country-wide Outreach Program for Korean Authors

  South Korea: As part of an extensive educational initiative for authors across Korea, Enago conducted a series of informative author workshops at four major universities—Yonsei University, Korea University, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), and Hanyang University. The workshops, conducted between October 24 and November 1, 2016, attracted nearly 300 attendees comprising […]

Country-wide Series of Workshops in Lithuania on Academic Publishing

Kaunas, Lithuania: Enago, in collaboration with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), organized a series of workshops for researchers across Lithuania. The workshop sessions were attended by over 450+ researchers and professors from different research backgrounds. The first session on Academic Publishing touched on the importance of publishing papers in […]

Building the Base for Promoting Research in Food Science & Technology — Workshop at KoSFoST International Symposium, Korea
Author workshop

Daegu, Korea: As part of their outreach program for researchers and authors, Enago conducted a workshop in Korea that focused on introducing researchers to academic publishing. The event was organized by Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (KoSFoST) and held at Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center (EXCO) in Daegu, Korea. With the title “2016 […]

Academic Writing Workshop for Engineering, Comp. Sci., and Telecom Students at the Open Standards and Internet Association, Korea
Author Workshop

Seoul, Korea: Enago conducted a workshop for Open Standards and Internet Association (OSIA) at the College of Engineering, Seoul National University, mainly for graduate students in the fields of telecommunications, computer science, and engineering. The objective of the workshop was to provide valuable information to first-time authors on how they can effectively apply English language and grammar […]

Introducing Researchers at Gyeongsang National University to Academic Publishing and Peer Review Process

Jinju, South Korea: Enago, academia’s leading provider of English language editing and publication support services, conducted a workshop in Korea to introduce local researchers to the overall process of international publishing, focusing primarily on how to deal with journal rejection. The workshop was conducted at Gyeongsang National University (GNU), South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Dr. […]

Workshop on Academic Publishing Basics for Korean Students at SSAC, Korea

Seoul, South Korea: Building on the success of the recent author workshops in Korea, which are targeted to help researchers understand the publication process and achieve their goal of publishing in international peer-reviewed journals, Enago recently conducted yet another successful workshop at Systems and Synthetic Agrobiotech Center (SSAC), Gyeongsang National University, Korea. The workshop was […]

Peer Review Process and Dealing with Journal Rejection — Addressing the Issues Faced by Early-Stage Researchers in Korea
Journal Rejection

Pusan, South Korea: Following the recent success of the author workshop at POSTECH, which introduced researchers to international publishing, Enago conducted another workshop at Pusan National University. Unlike the previous one, which was targeted toward experienced researchers, the primary focus of this workshop was to guide students and early-stage researchers on the steps to be […]

Enago Expands Outreach in Thailand via Author Workshops
International Peer-reviewed Journals

Bangkok, Thailand: Enago recently conducted its latest author workshop in Thailand to introduce local researchers to publication of articles in international peer-reviewed journals. The workshop was conducted at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, which is the oldest and largest hospital in Thailand. The presentation provided an overview of how to write, submit, and publish an academic […]

What Makes a Good Research Paper? (Taiwan)

Taipei, Taiwan: Enago recently conducted a workshop in Taiwan to introduce doctors and medical researchers to the process of publication in international peer-reviewed journals. The workshop entitled “How to Write English Papers” is the latest in a series of learning initiatives of Enago that aim to help ESL authors increase their chances of publication in […]

Increasing Knowledge about Scholarly Publishing – A Training Program for Taiwanese Researchers
Peer Review Journals

Tainan, Taiwan: Enago recently conducted another workshop in Taiwan that aimed at helping researchers understand how they can improve their changes of publication in international peer-reviewed journals. The workshop, which was conducted in Tainan, was attended by international students from various backgrounds such as management, engineering, education, behavioral science, and economics. Enago’s workshops are directed […]

Extending Author Learning Initiative to Turkey – II

Ankara, Turkey: In May 2015, Enago participated in a series of workshops along with Thomson Reuters, Institute of Electricals and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and ULAKBIM, which received a very good response from ESL researchers. To continue this initiative of educating ESL researchers about publishing and the challenges related to it, Enago conducted another series of […]

Extending Author Learning Initiative to Turkey – I

Ankara, Turkey: Enago conducted a series of workshops along with Thomson Reuters, Institute of Electricals and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and ULAKBIM in May 2015. Enago participated in these workshops, which were focused toward helping ESL researchers gain valuable insights into the international publishing process, to help researchers understand how rejection from international journals can be […]

Academic Writing Workshop for Doctors and Researchers at Tungs’ Taichung Hospital, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan: Enago held a workshop on academic publishing at Tungs’ Taichung Hospital, Taiwan. Professor Ching-Chi Chi, the Director of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chiayi City, was the speaker for this workshop, which saw participation from more than 70 doctors and researchers of the hospital. Similar to our first seminar, this seminar covered the major […]

Professional Development Workshop for Doctors & Researchers at Tri Service Hospital, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan: Enago conducted a workshop on “How to write an academic paper” in Taiwan in association with Tri Service Hospital, Taipei. The workshop was held at the hospital, with an audience of over 200 doctors and postgraduate researchers from the hospital, and it focused on creating awareness about academic publishing. The workshop was conducted […]