Enago’s Author Training Program: A Success with Chinese Researchers

Changchun, China: Currently, China is the hub of some cutting edge research across most scientific areas, and this development has led to an exponential increase in the number of research outputs. In an attempt to further enhance the knowledge related to scientific publishing among researchers, Enago in collaboration with Jilin University recently organized an author training session. Conducted by Enago’s very own publishing expert, Dr. Mingfang Lu, this session clarified several important concepts related to academic writing and publishing.

As part of the workshop, Dr. Lu shared key insights and addressed queries on vital topics such as research ethics, and open access publishing. Whilst sharing his thoughts about the session, Dr. Lu commented, “Author education is an important step towards improving the quality as well as the quantity of research outputs. We at Enago are very keen on providing the right support and training to Chinese researchers in order to help them attain their publishing goals.”

Director Dajun Ding, Professor, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Jilin University commented “Enago’s workshop elaborated on all the key aspects of drafting and publishing English scientific papers. In addition, it also highlighted some essential topics such as publication ethics and open access publishing. The content was concrete and relevant. As a result of the his research background and long-term experience as an editor-in-chief of internationally renowned publishers, Dr. Mingfang Lu provided important tips on publishing of research papers to graduate and young researchers.”

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