Enago’s Series of Workshops on Publishing in International Peer-reviewed Journals

Beijing, China: Chinese researchers have published several scientific papers and made a significant mark in the publishing industry. In fact, it has ranked as the largest producer of scientific papers. However, with the increased research publishing, the chances of coming across predatory journals become higher. To provide significant insights on how to avoid these journals and publish in reputed international peer-reviewed journals, Enago conducted a series of author workshops at Shanghai Research Institute of University of Science and Technology of China, Zhoushan Hospital and Oceanographic College of Zhejiang University.

The workshops were conducted by Dr. Mingfang Lu, General Manager, Enago. Dr. Lu is an established publishing expert with over 20 years of experience. The sessions covered a few crucial topics for ESL researchers and authors. These topics include tips on writing research papers, detailed discussion on IMRaD format of research articles, dealing with journal rejection, research misconduct and research and publication ethics. The sessions also covered an overview of the peer review process and a detailed discussion on the different aspects of open access. Furthermore, Dr. Lu interacted with the workshop audience through Q&A sessions.

Doctor Zhang from Zhoushan Hospital said, “This workshop provided us with valuable experience and important advice on many aspects of the publishing industry. As discussed here, we must strengthen scientific research integrity and give importance to academic morality construction. At the same time, we must always uphold the scientific spirit, resist academic misconduct, and contribute to the development of medicine.”

Master Tang from Oceanographic College of Zhejiang University said, “Professor Lu’s lecture gave an idea about the main points of writing papers and submissions. He also explained in detail how to answer the journal editors and reviewers, the intricacies of research paper writing and other relevant details, which is of great help to publishing in internationally renowned review journals.”

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