Enago Conducts Author Workshop Series for Chinese Researchers

Beijing, China: With regards to the number of academic publications, China is now the world’s largest producer for scientific research papers. This exponential rise in research manuscripts is mainly due to the constant push by the government through its consistent R&D investment which is approximately 2.12% of its annual GDP. In order to keep this growth uniform, it is important that Chinese researchers are educated on key aspects in writing and publishing their manuscripts. To aid in such activities, Enago organized a number of author workshops in collaboration with China University of Geosciences, Hunan Normal University, Shenzhen University, South China Normal University, Capital Normal University, Beijing University of Technology, and Yanshan University.

These sessions were conducted by Dr. Mingfang Lu, General Manager, Enago. Dr. Lu is a renowned publishing expert with a distinctive academic career spanning over 20 years. The focus of the training sessions was to help established as well as young researchers in improving their understanding of important concepts when preparing manuscripts and publishing in international journals. During the workshop, Dr. Lu addressed several pain points faced by the participants and also provided the audience with key highlights when it comes to writing, publishing, and promoting scientific research.

Haixiang Guo, Professor & Director, China University of Geosciences said, “Professor Lu has extensive publishing and research experience. He has given a very good talk on writing and publishing a good research paper, which is very helpful to our social science researchers and graduate students. Furthermore, Professor Wei Yadong, Editorial Director of the Journal of Shenzhen University (Science and Engineering edition) mentioned, “We are very impressed with the lectures by Enago. It covers various points of writing academic papers, from the overall planning and structure of the article to the proper use of tenses, references, and how to respond to reviewers’ comments. The lectures by Enago gave us a better understanding of the challenges of writing academic papers.”

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