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    To gain international recognition, an academic paper must stand up to the scrutiny of even the toughest peer reviewers and editors. If it doesn’t meet the strict English language and presentation requirements – your valuable contribution can go unnoticed. This can be a problem for all academic writers, especially for ESL authors who face a greater challenge – but it can be easily resolved with our quality academic editing services.

    By submitting your paper to Enago’s specialist academic editing services, you can work with us to transform your academic paper from good to exceptional. All of our 2000+ academic editors are highly-vetted for their English language expertise. In addition, they are all PhD or Master’s level subject area experts in their respective fields – so whatever topic you are discussing, they will deal with it sensitively.

    Furthermore, our academic manuscript editing services offer a No Rejection due to language issues guarantee – ensuring you have one thing less to worry about on your publication journey.

    Top Impact Scientific Editing

    Top Impact Scientific Editing is designed for authors who wish to publish in high impact factor journals.  It features developmental editing by editors who have worked with top journals such as Nature,* The New England Journal of Medicine,* and The Lancet*

    Key features:

    All features of Substantive Editing          

    • 3 editor system with scientific developmental editing
    • Top Impact report: mock peer review report
    • Quality Assurance Check (paid add-on)
    Substantive Editing

    Substantive Editing is recommended for authors who wish to enhance the overall presentation, flow and cohesion of their manuscripts. It also gives you the option to choose Rejection Shield, which will support you through multiple rounds of journal revisions.

    Key features:

    All features of Substantive Editing          

    • Logical Flow
    • Presentation
    • Content Enhancement
    • Complete editing support & guidance for 365 days post-delivery
    • Plagiarism Check (powered by iThenticate
    Copy Editing

    Copy Editing is for authors who need a through English language editing to weed out all language, grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It is suitable for manuscripts at the final stage of revision.


    Key features:
    • 2 Editor System
    • Language and Grammar Check
    •  Style and Consistency
    • Technical Accuracy
    • Formatting


    Value Added Features

    Rejection Shield-icon
    Rejection Shield
    Word Count Reduction-icon
    Word Count Reduction
    Journal Formatting-icon
    Journal Formatting
    Certificate of Editing-icon
    Certificate of Editing
    Cover Letter-icon
    Cover Letter
    Expert Q&A-icon
    Expert Q&A
    Academic Resources-icon
    Academic Resources

    Why Choose Us?

    "Two Editor" System and native English-speaking Editors


    “Two-Editor” system ensures we always deliver high-quality English Language Editing services. All manuscripts will be edited by at least two editors. Both editors are PhD/Master’s qualified native English speakers with specialty in your field of research. The first editor will focus on the technical aspect of your research writing, and the second editor will focus on ensuring the consistency of the language.

    VIP Editor Pack: Top Quality Editor + AI Report


    Your research manuscript deserves the best treatment. We have created an exclusive group of our highest-rated editors who are sought after by authors for their experience and knowledge of publishing. Our VIP editors will help you get published faster in a renowned journal with premium quality English language editing.

    Specialized Subject-area Matching


    Every manuscript submitted to us is matched to editors with highly specialized subject-area expertise. For example, a paper in Neurology will be edited by an editor who is an MD in Neurology, not by a specialist in Medical Sciences (click here for more examples). This technical competency enables our editors to faithfully convey your research in the language of your international peers.

    Editor Profiles

    Pricing for English Editing Services

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    Delivery PlanTop Impact Scientific EditingSubstantive EditingCopy Editing
    6 Days$600$252$174
    4 Days$900$268$180
    3 DaysNA$330$189
    2 DaysNA$386$216
    1 DayNA$432$225
    • Quality Assurance Check

      Highly-qualified experts who have reviewed for high impact factor journals will review your manuscript and suggest improvements.

      Add-on price

      $420 (Standard)

      $540 (Express)

    • Rejection Shield

    • Edit Unlimited

    • Cover Letter

    • Rejection Shield

      If your manuscript is rejected, we will edit your responses to reviewer's comments, edit the revisions and additional content to address the reviewer's comments. 

    • Plagiarism Check

    • Manuscript Rate Card

    • Edit Unlimited

    • Cover Letter

    • Edit Unlimited

      You can get your manuscript edited unlimited times at an additional 2 cents/word.

      Add-on price

      $60 (Standard)

    • Plagiarism Check

    • Manuscript Rate Card

    • Cover Letter

    Free Services

    Expert Q&A
    Certificate of Editing
    Word Count Reduction
    Academic Resources

    Exclusive from Enago

    "Two-Editor" System
    Specialized Subject-Area Matching

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    The Enago Promise


    We will edit your manuscript until you are satisfied with the quality, no questions asked.

    Money Back

    We guarantee that your manuscript will never be rejected due to poor language or formatting issues. However, in rare cases, if such rejection happens, we will offer you a full refund.

    • Unmatched

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    • 15+ Years of

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    We Proofread and Edit every type of Academic documents

    • Thesis
    • Ph.D. Dissertations
    • Assignments
    • Essays
    • Papers
    • Conference papers
    • Manuscripts
    • Journal articles
    • Research Brevia
    • Internship reports
    • University cover letters
    • Presentations


    What is the background of your Scientific Editors and Quality Assurance reviewers+

    Our Scientific Editors and Quality Assurance reviewers are working researchers with experiences in editing or reviewing for high Impact Factor journals. They are well-versed in the requirements of such journals and could best advise you from the point of view of journal editors and reviewers.

    Do you guarantee successful acceptance of my manuscript to my target journal?+

    We cannot guarantee journal acceptance. Journal review is autonomous and is not subject to any third party influence and the decision largely depends on the merit of your research. However, we do guarantee that our Top Impact Scientific Editing expert editors will make every effort to strengthen your manuscript and give it the best chances of successful publication.