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MA in Economics

34+ years experience


For over 34 years, this editor has written and edited economic and financial material for the most highly placed executives in business and government, including three US Senators, two Treasury Secretaries, the Treasurer of the US, the Director of the US Mint, a Federal Reserve Governor, a Big-10 University President, the Commanding General of US Army Europe, and numerous Fortune-500/1000 CEOs. This editor holds MFA in Expository writing from the University of Iowa.

Areas of expertise

Business administration, Human resources, International business, Banking, Corporate finance, Development economics, Econometrics, Economic history, Economics, Finance, Industrial organization, International economics, International trade, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Monetary economics, Political economy, Public finance, Tax, Language and Linguistics, Literature Public relations, Aesthetics, Applied philosophy, Ethics, History of philosophy, Metaphysics


MA, Economics, Case Western Reserve, USA
MFA, Expository Writing, University of Iowa, USA
MA, Financial Journalism, University of Iowa, USA
MA, English, University of Iowa, USA
BA, Public Relations Journalism, University of Iowa, USA\n

Work experience

Visiting faculty member, The University of Iowa
Director of Corporate Communication, Freddie Mac Corporation
Director Of Corporate Communication, United States Mint
Director Of Communication, United States Senate
Equity Owner, Mardon Communication Services Corporation
Director Of Corporate Communication, Hartmarx Corporation
Manager Of Executive Communication, Beatrice Foods Corporation
Senior Communication Specialist, Standard Oil Company Of Ohio\n

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