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Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Anupama Kapadia,
Editor-in-Chief, Enago Academy

As part of our Global Research Risk Assessment initiative, in this fourth instalment, we wanted to understand the impact and role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools and technologies on the future of academic publishing and capture the global response to learn how AI is influencing and transforming the global publishing landscape. AI has immense appeal in the academic industry. State-of-the-art AI-driven tools are rapidly transforming industries such as education, healthcare, transportation, finance, and retail.

This survey report will shed some interesting insights and enable the readers to have a better understanding of the significance of driving the adoption of AI in the academic publishing domain. It also highlights the challenges restraining the large-scale adoption of AI primarily due to limited AI knowledge and expertise.

Researchers and decision makers will derive in-depth insights into the perspectives of academics over potential concerns and fears regarding potential security breaches and AI replacing humans over time. This awareness is instrumental in propelling discussions around the possible innovations in AI-driven technologies within the academic community.

We plan to assess other research risks associated with the pandemic in the coming months and are looking for partners to help with percolation and dissemination. Please fill this form if you’re interested in a collaboration! It will do a lot more good if we can get as much information as possible and share it with as many people as possible.

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