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Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Anupama Kapadia,
Editor-in-Chief, Enago Academy

As part of our Global Research Risk Assessment initiative, in this third installment, we decided to focus on the impact of COVID-19 on research laboratories. When the pandemic struck, all research activities came to a grinding halt indefinitely as lockdown restrictions were implemented globally. However, in the last few months, many countries have now relaxed these restrictions leading to laboratories being gradually reopened for researchers to resume their regular routine.

This survey report will shed some interesting insights and enable the readers to have a better understanding of the preparedness of the labs and the modified measures taken exclusively to continue research with extreme precautions. It also highlights the challenges that both researchers and laboratory management had to face while making critical decisions on shutting down labs indefinitely or continuing research work with the recommended guidelines in place.

The research community will derive in-depth insights into the perspectives of researchers on the challenges faced, ways in which lab downtime was efficiently used for career upskilling, and learnings from researchers on quickly transitioning to an online working environment without major impact in daily activities. This awareness is instrumental in propelling discussions around the possible innovations for research laboratories in this new normal.

We definitely plan to assess other research risks associated with the pandemic in the coming months and are looking for partners to help with percolation and dissemination. You can grab a copy of our previous risk assessment reports on university health and on peer review.

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