Author Outreach Program by Enago: A Big Hit amongst Latin American Academics and Research Professionals

Peru/Colombia/Mexico: Publishing scientific research in an academic journal may seem like a daunting task especially for ESL researchers. In addition, early-career ESL researchers often face many difficulties during the drafting stage of their manuscript. With this in mind, Enago organized several author training programs in top-ranking universities of Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. These sessions catered to a diverse audience ranging from young graduates and early-career researchers to established scientists and research professionals.

The topics covered during these workshops addressed some key challenges faced by researchers by including academic writing in the English language, journal submission, successful publication, importance of peer review, dealing with journal rejection, and presenting in international conferences. The workshops provided the participants with important tips and critical insights on how to draft better manuscripts for first-time acceptance in well-known journals. Furthermore, it also highlighted the significance of adhering to journal’s guidelines as well as focused on ways of improving networking skills and visibility during conferences by overcoming the challenges of presenting in front of a large audience.

These workshops have significantly helped Latin American researchers gain a deeper understanding of the different stages involved in the publication cycle, right from the manuscript preparation stage to revising the manuscript based on feedback from peer reviewers. Every researcher goes through this journey and it is critical that they are well aware about certain does and don’ts as this will help them achieve publication success faster. This is exactly what we aim to impart through our workshops.” said Diana Monsalve, Regional Manager (Latin America), Enago.

About the author workshop, Bertha Rodriguez, a Research Professor mentioned, “The workshop seemed very interesting to me, especially because of the shared experiences that allow us to identify opportunities and know the process of publishing our research work effectively. Currently, our country is identifying opportunities for continuous improvement in this field and we have the challenge as teachers to work this experience with our students.”

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