Enago’s Author Outreach Program Receives Overwhelming Response from Chinese Researchers

Beijing, China: In recent years, there has been an exponential rise in the number of research publications from Chinese researchers. With the aim to assist young graduates and researchers in China in preparing and publishing their manuscripts successfully, Enago in collaboration with Tsinghua University (THU) recently organized an author outreach program. The session was conducted by Dr. Mingfang Lu and helped early-stage researchers improve their understanding of manuscript preparation and academic publishing. Dr. Mingfang Lu, General Manager, Enago, is also a distinguished industry expert with a diverse academic career spanning over 15 years.

During the session, Dr. Lu shared several tips on preparing impactful papers that would aid the researchers in avoiding journal rejection as well as responding to reviewer comments in a constructive manner. Towards the end of the workshop, Dr. Lu also addressed various participant queries on manuscript preparation and provided constructive tips on selecting an appropriate journal for submission. Furthermore, Dr. Lu said, “This workshop aimed to impart detailed insights to graduates and researchers’ about how submission-ready manuscripts should be prepared, the importance of adhering to journal guidelines, as well as increasing the importance of open access publishing among young academics. Enago will continue to build on its author outreach initiative by actively assisting Chinese researchers in understanding the expectations of international journals.”

Professor Qiang Zhang, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University (THU) commented, “Writing and publishing English scientific papers is very important for sharing research results and gaining peer recognition. I think Enago’s workshop had covered all relevant aspects including publishing ethics, open access, etc. in detail which was especially helpful for graduate students.”

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