Enago’s Author Workshop at Yonsei University for Korean Researchers

Seoul, South Korea: For preparing a publication-ready manuscript, understanding the correct usage of English language and grammar is a prerequisite. To help researchers increase the awareness of language concepts, Enago recently organized an author workshop for researchers at Yonsei University. The session was completely focused towards discussing the common challenges faced by ESL authors,explaining the intricacies of publishing in English, and providing effective tips for overcoming rejections from journals.

The session was conducted by Dr. Eun S. Hwang, Publication & Training Consultant, Enago, who has a lot of experience of publishing in international journals. He has trained and mentored several early-career researchers and students. He explained some important aspects of publication in international peer reviewed journals and provided practical advice on improving chances of acceptance by journals. Dr. Hwang also discussed concepts like of describing figures and tables in manuscripts. Also, an important topic that was covered during the session was research and publication misconduct, its types, and consequences. Dr. Hwang also shared some recent examples of retractions because of failure of research ethics compliance. The workshop concluded with a short Q&A interaction in which researchers discussed their pain points related to academic writing in English and successful publication.

EunKyoung, Kwon (Librarian, Yonsei University) mentioned that, “It is very challenging for Korean researchers to improve their ability to write academic paper in English. We want to educate our students about writing academic manuscripts in English and key steps they should follow for successful submission in well-renowned journals. Through Enago’s workshop, we are glad to see the enthusiasm from all the participants. We look forward to conducting more workshops in collaboration with Enago.”

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