Year in Review: Highlights for Enago in 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we look back at some of the most popular highlights of Enago. In the last year, we have been able to realize our objective of reaching out to the academic community through Enago Academy.

We were able to reach a wider audience from a variety of countries through our Author Workshops and knowledge sharing initiatives. For the first time in the last year, Enago was able to publish three different scholarly reports in journals such as European Science Editing and Science Editor.

We endeavour to increase our reach in the coming year and would like to wish all of our readers a happy and successful 2017!!!

Round-up of 2016

1. Outreach Program for Korean Researchers

In 2016, as part of our educational initiative for authors and researchers across Korea, Enago conducted a series of workshops at major universities in Korea such as Yonsei University, Korea University, Pusan National University, POSTECH, Hanyang University, and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). We were also able to successfully collaborate with well-known academic societies such as OSIA and KOSFOST in Korea.

2. Interviews with Rebecca Benner and Christina Bennett

Through our initiative of Connecting Scholarly Publishing Experts and Researchers, Enago had the opportunity to interview many industry experts such as Rebecca Benner, Senior Director and Managing Editor, Obstetrics & Gynecology (The Green Journal) as well as she has been the chair of the Education Committee (2005–2007) and secretary of CSE (2007–2010), and Christina Bennett, Associate Publisher, Ethics and Policy at the American Physiological Society (APS). This interview series helped Enago share the various editorial and ethical challenges faced by journals along with sharing some thoughts on improving ethical guidelines and resolving disputes related to ethical misconduct.

3. Interview with Kudos at the ALPSP Conference

In the midst of the ALPSP conference this year, Enago interviewed Charlie Rapple, co-founder of Kudos to discuss the need for services like Kudos and their value for early-stage researchers, as well as for experienced researchers in countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. Charlie with Enago shared the importance and relevance of Kudos in today’s publishing industry and the advantages of using it for researchers. For Enago Academy, this was a great opportunity in connecting with Charlie to understand the significant impact Kudos is having in today’s academic publishing industry.

4. Author Workshop in Lithuania

Expanding on our educational initiatives for researchers, in collaboration with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Enago conducted a series of workshops in Lithuania. These workshops sessions were attended by more than 450 researchers and professors from different research backgrounds. These interactive sessions were specifically designed for Lithuanian researchers to gain a better understanding of academic publishing while also helping them deal with journal rejection and related issues.

5. Nobel Prizes 2016

During this year’s Nobel Prize ceremony, Enago Academy took the initiative to bring the latest information about the awards through live updates on its website and social media channels. This live update included a quick checklist on all the facts about the Nobel Prize followed by the details of the announcement of the winners in each category. The awards ceremony for each prize was also shared with our audience through the live YouTube channel of the Nobel Prize committee. It was surely exciting to be at the forefront in sharing these updates with our readers.

6. Enago Impresses at the Korean Library Association Congress

In order to address a wider audience of academic publishing, in addition to researchers and journals, Enago attended and conducted a seminar at the 36th Annual Congress of the Korea Private University Library Association. This event played a crucial role in helping to understand the challenges faced by key university libraries as well as help highlight the importance of research libraries in the academic writing and publishing process.

7. Interview with Publons

Enago Academy had the opportunity to interview Andrew Preston, co-founder and CEO of Publons to discuss the work Publons is doing in speeding up scholarly research while giving peer reviewers the recognition they deserve for their efforts. This QnA session shares some insights about Andrew while also discussing the achievements, goals, and challenges faced by Publons. Andrew also shared with Enago the initiative behind the Publons’ Sentinels of Science Awards and Publons Academy.

8. Workshop on Publication Ethics at Asan Medical Centre (AMC)

In December 2016, Enago conducted a workshop at Korea’s largest hospital, Asan Medical Center (AMC), to help increase the awareness and challenges faced in research and publication ethics. This workshop was well received by the audience and focused on the fundamental aspects of scientific misconduct, affecting the growth of research as well as affecting the reputation of researchers themselves.

9. Peer Review and Open Access Week 2016

Enago celebrated the Peer Review Week as well as the Open Access Week in 2016 by participating in the live sharing of information on its website and discussions on its social media channels. Through this initiative, we helped promote the need for more recognition to peer reviewers and alternate forms of peer review as well as increase awareness among our audience about how they can make their research more open and indirectly contribute to the open access movement.

10. Enago Publishes Reports on the SSP, CSE, and COASP Meeting

As part of our knowledge sharing initiative, Enago’s reports on the Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting, Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting, and the COASP meeting were published by journals like European Science Editing and Science Editor. These reports outlined some key insights gained from the annual conferences with the academic community and highlighted the various challenges faced by publishers who are trying to sustain themselves in an increasingly diverse market.


We are truly excited about 2017 and will strive to improve on our knowledge sharing initiative in the coming year.

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