Enago’s Seminar Impresses at Korean Library Association Congress

Jeju Island, South Korea: Enago recently attended the 36th Annual Congress of the Korea Private University Library Association and conducted a seminar on academic publishing. The three-day congress was held at the KAL Hotel on Jeju Island, just south of the South Korean mainland, between November 9 and 11, 2016. The first two days of the event featured a varied program of seminars and presentations, while the last day provided an opportunity in the form of group activities, including tours of the island famous for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and lava tubes. In total, representatives of 134 libraries from 122 private universities attended the event.

Enago’s seminar touched on the importance of publishing papers in English before presenting tips on effectively using academic English to write better scientific manuscripts. Other points addressed in detail included effective planning and preparation of manuscripts for publication, selecting the right journal, and correctly structuring papers and references before initial submission. The session also addressed important author–journal communication points, especially dealing with journal rejection. The main reasons for manuscript rejection were discussed while listing obvious publishing mistakes that should be avoided.

The ultimate aim of this topic was to help researchers maintain a positive outlook while dealing with journal rejection, equipping them with the tools to resubmit with confidence. Dr. Hwicheol Kim, the event organizer, said he was extremely satisfied with Enago’s presentation and was glad the company could attend and contribute to the congress. In addition to delivering a successful seminar session, Enago’s representative Mr. BK Kang (Country Manager, Korea) was also able to network extensively with delegates at the meeting. These included representatives of Ewha Women’s University, hosts of the next Korea Private University Library Association Annual Congress.

Mr. Kang said in the meeting, “This event brought together Enago and several senior members of the Korea Private University Library Association, including its President and General Secretary. The event also played a key role in connecting with key university libraries in South Korea and propagating the importance of research libraries in the field of academic writing and publishing. On behalf of Enago, we thank the event organizers for conducting such a well-planned and thought-provoking event.”

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