2022 in a Nutshell — Reminiscing the year when opportunities were seized and feats were achieved!

It’s beginning to look a lot like success! Some of the greatest opportunities to research and publishing, be it the steps toward the recognition and development of the Open Access movement or the introduction of new policies, this year has served some of the greatest opportunities for the research and publishing industry.

As we bid adieu to 2022 with a grateful heart, let us look back at some of the monumental events in and around Enago!

Retrospecting 2022 — Around Enago

1. Google Scholar’s 2022 Metrics

Google Scholar released the 2022 version of its Scholar Metrics — sorted by h-index over the last 5 years (2017-2022), it covered citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of June 2022. The Scholar Metrics provides an easy way for authors to gauge the visibility and effect of recent articles in scholarly publications.

It includes a large number of publications in specific categories such as Food Science & Technology, Sustainable Energy, Public Health, Business, Economics & Management, or Chemical & Material Science.

2. STM Trends Forecast — Depiction of the Openness in the Future of Scholarly Communication

Capturing the most impactful changes in the research and publishing industry in a single image, the STM Association released this year’s theme — The Beauty of Open at Scale. Forecasting the substantial rise in Open Access in the next 3-5 years, the released infographic depicted open sunflowers with each sunflower representing different stakeholders of the scholarly world represented as bees, butterflies, birds, farmers, scarecrows, and beehives.

Like sunflowers, Open Access is expected to open up and bloom the research process for rapid discovery and faster dissemination of knowledge.

3. The Nelson Memo — A Revolutionizing Change in Research and Publishing!

On August 25, 2022, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) issued a memorandum titled “Ensuring Free Immediate & Equitable Access to Federally Funded Research” from Dr. Alondra Nelson (Acting Director, OSTP). This memorandum is widely referred to as the Nelson Memo. As per this memo, the administration of President Joe Biden instructed all US agencies to get immediate access to federally funded research after it is published from 2026. Researchers who receive federal funds must deposit their peer-reviewed scholarly publications in public access repositories without any embargo or delay after publication (Earlier, the Holdren Memo allowed for up to 12 months’ delay in providing public access to research funded by federal grant agencies).

This change is a boost to the growing Open Access movement. Supporters of the memo praise the removal of the embargo period, the requirements for identifiers, and access to research data to ensure transparency and maintain the integrity of the research ecosystem.

4. Highly Cited Researchers List Released — A Scrutiny by Clarivate!

Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics, revealed its 2022 list of highly cited researchers — individuals at universities, research institutes, and commercial organizations. This year, Clarivate extended the qualitative analysis of the highly cited researchers list to address increasing concerns over potential misconduct (plagiarism, image manipulation, and fake peer review).

Clarivate analysts searched for proof of misconduct in all publications on the preliminary list of highly cited researchers with the assistance of Retraction Watch and its database of retractions.

Retrospecting 2022 — At Enago

1. Enago X Charlesworth Group — An acquisition that will revolutionize the publishing dynamics

With the idea of growing #strongertogether, Crimson Interactive (Enago) acquired The Charlesworth Group. It was surreal for all Crimsonites across the globe, when Sharad Mittal (Founder and CEO — Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd.), announced the BIG news of the acquisition of Charlesworth Author Services. The Crimson family was enthused to welcome the entire Charlesworth Team on board.

Charlesworth Group (CWG) has been an essential partner in the global academic publishing community for many decades. Operating for close to 25 years in China, The Charlesworth Group imprinted its mark by providing sales and marketing services for international publishers. The combined strength of Enago and Charlesworth will strengthen the author services in China by integrating Enago’s comprehensive author services and AI & NLP-driven product offerings. Holistically, it provides an opportunity to build an even better tech-based solution to address publishing challenges.

2. Enago Bags Economic Times Global Indian Leaders Award for Excellence in AI

Another feather to Enago’s hat! Sharad Mittal, Founder and CEO of Crimson Interactive Ltd received the Economic Times Global Indian Leaders Award for Excellence in AI — Natural Language Processing (NLP). This award is a witness to Mr. Mittal’s leadership and dedication to developing innovative proprietary NLP-based product suites such as Trinka AI, RAxter, and AuthorOne. The award is an acknowledgment of the company’s vision of revolutionizing global research with futuristic technological innovations.

3. Enago and Radcliffe Cardiology Join Hands — A partnership to enhance the quality of medical research writing

As part of this partnership, Enago provides its top-notch editing services and AI solutions for authors of Radcliffe Cardiology, a UK-based publisher of Cardiovascular, Renal, and Metabolic (CVRM) content for physicians worldwide. All the Radcliffe authors will have free access to Trinka (A pioneer in academic grammar check). Trinka AI checks the manuscripts for free and provides a summary of the suggested improvements. Authors choosing to use the editing service will receive a discounted rate via the Radcliffe-Enago page.

4. Enago Academy Presenting at International Conferences

“Never miss an opportunity to showcase the knowledge you got.” — perpetuating this thought, Enago Academy — the knowledge arm of Enago continues to spread knowledge as effortlessly as possible. This year provided Enago with the opportunity to present its findings to the globe at large by participating in the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) 2022 conference and presenting a poster on The Revolutionary Advent of AI in Research and Publishing: A Global Study. The study highlighted the results about the awareness of AI in academic publishing, the benefits of implementing AI, types of AI assistance required by academics, and much more.

Furthermore, Enago Academy also participated in the 2022 annual conference of the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) with an oral poster presentation on Understanding the Perception of Open Science Within Academia. The findings of the global research survey are showcased in this poster understanding how Open Science is perceived in academia and the publishing sphere.

5. Enago’s Active Participation in Global Events

  • Peer Review Week 2022 — Enago’s take on the theme “Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research”

Often considered a time-consuming step in the publishing process, the peer review process was less explored and much less appreciated. However, the need for peer reviewers and their vigilant action toward publishing factual content is much talked about and appreciated in the publishing sphere. Peer Review Week is a community-led yearly global virtual event that celebrates the role of peer review in maintaining research quality.

As a global leader in publication support services, Enago participated in the eighth edition of Peer Review Week. Supporting and emphasizing the role peer review plays in scholarly communication and showcasing best research practices. As a Steering Committee Member, Enago curated a knowledge-packed week that includes an infographic, podcast, webinar, and e-book. The highlights of this year’s PRW were the podcast hosting Dr. Caroline Ntara, an experienced lecturer with a demonstrated history of working with higher education society, and Dr. Kimberley Skelton, who has many publication contributions and has written exemplary book reviews. And a special webinar on “Behind the Scenes with Editors-in-Chief: A Comprehensive Session for Researchers on Research Writing, Journal Review, and Handling Rejection.” This interactive session featured Duncan Nicholas, James Wicker, Wei Kong, and Anupama Kapadia. They delightfully shared their journey of being a peer reviewer and shared some insights for researchers in their journey through a peer review process.

  • International Open Access Week 2022 — Exploring the theme “Open for Climate Change” through Enago’s lens!

This year’s International Open Access Week theme encouraged connection and collaboration among the climate movement and the international open community. Enago advocated this year’s theme with interesting activities and resources to assist researchers across the globe in understanding the urgency and necessity of embracing open access.

In light of the Open Access Week, Enago Academy shared a pictorial understanding of the Open Access movement. Along with several intellectually stimulating activities, Enago Academy hosted a podcast session with Prof. Dr. Milena Georgieva, a veteran molecular biologist and a TEDx speaker discussing open access and its potential impact on the research community and society at large.

6. Launch of the Global Open Access Survey in Multiple Languages

As part of its Global Research Risk Assessment initiative, Enago launched its 5th global survey in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese — The Influence of Open Access Publishing on Researchers and Their Attitude Towards the “Pay-to-Publish” Model to understand the funding opportunities within and beyond Open Access publishing and opinions of different stakeholders on the “Pay-to-Publish” mechanism.

Mentioning a few of the many glories we experienced this year, we can’t await to bring in the new year with more opportunities to seize and even more feats to reach. As the year draws to a close, we are filled with gratitude for your continued support and readership. Here’s to another knowledge-packed year!

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year From All of Us at Enago Academy!

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