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E-book: Peer Review Fostering Research Integrity - Exploring the AI Routes to Reliable Reviewing

Researchers will gain insights on:

  • The Dynamics of the Peer Review Process
  • Peer Reviewing - At the Forefront of Maintaining Research Integrity
  • Advent of AI Easing the Peer Review Process - To what extent?
  • Peer Reviewer's Role in Fostering Research Integrity

Blog Post: Importance of Peer Review in Supporting Research Integrity

  • Essential for research publishing
  • Plays a pivotal role in upholding research quality
  • Provides valid and constructive criticism from peer reviewers
  • Facilitates critical manuscript assessment
  • Maintains and bolsters scientific research integrity

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Infographic: Peer Review Through Ages

  • Important milestones of peer review process
  • How peer review process improves research quality
  • How peer review process has advanced
  • What challenges do peer reviewers face today
  • The progress of AI-based tools in the peer review process

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Behind the Scenes with Editors-in-Chief: A Comprehensive Session for Researchers on Research Writing, Journal Review, and Handling Rejection

Duncan Nicholas

Duncan Nicholas

President of the European Association of Science Editors, Development Editor for Elsevier’s Reproductive BioMedicine Online Journal

James Wicker

James Wicker

Editor and Researcher at the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wei Kong

Wei Kong

Chair & Professor, Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology, Peking University Health Science Center


Anupama Kapadia

Science Communication Expert and Editor-in-Chief at Enago Academy

Podcast: Such Is a Peer Reviewer's Life!

  • Caroline Ntara, Ph.D. (International Business)

    Exemplary peer-reviewing experience for scholarly journals on international trade and business

  • Kimberley Skelton, Ph.D.
    (Art History)

    Peer reviewer for Amsterdam University Press, Routledge, and Yale University Press

Why should you listen to this podcast?
To get —

  • Insights on the life of a peer reviewer
  • Details about the top 3 things they expect in a publication-ready scientific manuscript
  • Information on things they do when they spot research misconduct
  • An understanding of whether peer review is rewarding in terms of updates on the latest research studies

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More Resources on Peer Review

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