Taiwanese Researchers Benefit from Lectures on Ethical Practices and Tips for Successful Publication

Taipei, Taiwan: Enago recently conducted lectures for Taiwanese researchers in Yuan Ze University and Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan. These lectures were specifically intended to focus on groups of student researchers from Engineering and Medicine disciplines.

The lecture topics included language tips for writing in the English language, do’s and don’ts in selecting suitable journals, the importance of networking, and ethics in medical publishing. Each lecture began with a brief overview of the publication landscape and the citation potential of research papers written by Taiwanese researchers.

tw_1brightness-new Anupama Kapadia, Editor-in-Chief, Enago Academy conducted these lectures. In addition to the main topics, she discussed how researchers should plan and prepare their manuscript, choose the right journal, write a strong cover letter, and respond to referee comments.  Through these workshops, the attendees were able to gain a better understanding on a range of topics related to academic publishing—from writing and structuring a manuscript to understanding more about the peer review process and how they can meet the journal requirements.

tw_2Mia Wu, Senior Assistant, Department of Research and Development, Yuan Ze University  mentioned, “It was a very successful workshop. We appreciate the speaker Dr. Anupama Kapadia for delivering a very useful and informative speech. Great gain for all the participants and we are looking forward to the next workshop in the future. Thank you so much!!”

Alice Yu, Senior Manager, Department of Research and Development, Tzu Chi Hospital added, “We had discussed and planned the agenda of the workshop with Enago Academy in order to meet the needs of our faculties. The interaction during the Q&A session was very active and informative. We are very glad to have Enago Academy as our collaboration partner. Thank you very much!!”

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