Know More About Journal Editorial Processes: An Interview with Rebecca Benner

About Rebecca Benner

Rebecca Benner is Senior Director and Managing Editor at Obstetrics & Gynecology (The Green Journal). She is responsible for coordinating the efforts of authors, reviewers, the Editorial Board, editors, staff, publisher, as well as those involved in the production of the journal. She is also responsible for managing the peer review process, as well as establish and evaluate policies and procedures. She educates editors, authors, and reviewers about the updates shared by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, Council of Science Editors (CSE), and Committee on Publication Ethics. She is the Adjunct Faculty for the Master’s in Professional Studies in Publishing Program at George Washington University. In addition to her regular duties, she has been the chair of the Education Committee (2005–2007) and secretary of CSE (2007–2010), and has helped establish CSE’s International Scholarship Program.

About the Interview

In this interview series, we will take you through Rebecca’s journey as an active member and facilitator in the publishing industry. Based on her rich experience, she highlights several key points that researchers should know about the publication process, and explains in detail how journals, academic societies, and publishers are involved.

The interview moves on to the importance of the peer review process, the methods in which journal editors work with peer reviewers, and the reasons frequently noted for rejecting manuscripts. She also discusses the major challenges faced by her editorial team to maintain the high standards of publication of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The interview concludes with Rebecca telling us how the academic publishing industry has evolved and the future challenges that need to be overcome. She also provides some enlightening suggestions and insights for early-career professionals who want to enter the field of academic publishing.

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