Academic Writing Workshop for Engineering, Comp. Sci., and Telecom Students at the Open Standards and Internet Association, Korea

Seoul, Korea: Enago conducted a workshop for Open Standards and Internet Association (OSIA) at the College of Engineering, Seoul National University, mainly for graduate students in the fields of telecommunications, computer science, and engineering. The objective of the workshop was to provide valuable information to first-time authors on how they can effectively apply English language and grammar while writing a research paper.

The speaker for the event was Dr. Ogan Gurel, an entrepreneur and researcher who has more than 30 years of experience in Life Sciences and Healthcare. He holds a BA cum laude in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard University, as well as an MD with honors from Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons. Throughout the course of his research career he has authored, co-authored, and refereed 16 articles that have been cited more than 185 times. He has also conducted more than 70 workshops, conferences, and seminars, and holds six patents to his credit.

During his presentation, Dr. Gurel covered introductory topics such as the importance of publishing in English, provided in-depth information on the application of English while writing a research paper, and also created an awareness of publishing papers in English and highlighted the different publishing options. The audience was particularly interested when Dr. Gurel went on to cover the differences in grammar between Korean and English. Some of the other topics he covered were tips and tricks on how to adhere to the correct usage of English, including the important aspects of English grammar for academic writing. He also explained how figures and tables should be accurately described in manuscripts.

“The aim of this workshop was to provide invaluable training to participants on proper academic writing skills, covering myriad aspects of proper English language usage,” said Pranjal Thapliyal, Country Manager, Crimson Interactive Korea. “The attendees, mainly graduate students and professors, were quite engaged, particularly during the Q&A session at the end. The feedback demonstrated that participants learned a great deal about how to write an effective research paper.”



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