Extending Author Learning Initiative to Turkey – II

Ankara, Turkey: In May 2015, Enago participated in a series of workshops along with Thomson Reuters, Institute of Electricals and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and ULAKBIM, which received a very good response from ESL researchers. To continue this initiative of educating ESL researchers about publishing and the challenges related to it, Enago conducted another series of workshops at various universities across Turkey. The overall purpose of these workshops was to increase the awareness among researchers about publishing and help improve their chances of publication.

Turkey-3These workshops were conducted at Istanbul University, Istanbul; Orta Dogu Teknik University (METU), Ankara; and at Ege University, Izmir. From the workshops, researchers gained valuable insights about how they can improve language/grammar skills and structure their manuscripts. These workshops particularly focused on helping authors identify the audience/scope of publication, and the importance of literature review. Subsequently, the importance of journal selection and identifying the publication and submission requirements was discussed. The participants for these workshops were a mix of students, early-stage researchers, and professors.

Unlike the previous series of workshops that were conducted in collaboration with IEEE, Thomson Reuters, and ULAKBIM, the primary focus of these workshops was to guide students and early-stage researchers on the steps to be followed to write better manuscripts and provide them with valuable tips on increaseing the visibility of their research from industry experts.


Enago’s workshops are specifically designed to provide researchers with the opportunity to learn about academic publishing by directly engaging with industry experts. The successful workshops conducted in Taiwan and Turkey are examples of how Enago is dedicated to reach out to ESL authors in diverse geographies. We endeavor to continue our objective of improving the knowledge ESL authors have about publishing in international peer-reviewed journals through such initiatives.



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